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Sickening: Republicans use ISIS attack to demand Biden’s resignation

Sickening: Republicans use ISIS attack to demand Biden’s resignation

Tragedy struck today when suicide bombers from ISIS’ Afghanistan affiliate attacked the airport in Kabul, killing over 60 innocent people and injuring hundreds more. Twelve American servicemen and fifteen more were killed in the shocking blast.

But the ashes hadn’t even cooled before the right-wing began exploiting the horrifying events for their own selfish political purposes. Calls for Biden’s resignation and impeachment immediately began ringing out across social media as Republicans who previously supported Trump’s withdrawal from Afghanistan disingenuously and disgustingly began exploiting a terrorist attack to score cheap political points. (See correction below.)

Nobody would have ever thought to blame George W. Bush for the September 11th terrorist attacks that started this whole thing (though in hindsight they probably should have). None of these people cared when 4 U.S. Green Berets were killed on a mysterious mission in Niger or cared when Trump started a public and disgraceful feud with one of the servicemen’s widows.

None of these people cared when 2,400 U.S. troops were killed in the line of duty during the 20-year war against the Taliban. But now that there’s something they can tangentially blame on a Democrat, all of a sudden it’s the most important thing in the world!

Blaming President Biden for ISIS attacks is about as contrived a fake scandal as you could possibly come up with — but given the incessant media tantrum that has continued unabated since Biden announced the American withdrawal, you can be sure that CNN and MSNBC will be walking hand in hand with FOX to help Republicans turn this into Benghazi 2. Really just goes to show how politics in this country has been reduced to nothing but cynical opportunism.

Correction: This story has been re-categorized from News to Opinion. This story has been updated with new URL link citations and to reflect that numerous Republicans supported the Trump Administration’s plan to depart Afghanistan, then opposed the Biden Administration completing that plan while deleting the originally published phrase which could not be supported by fact, which read, “Republicans who have spent their entire careers screaming for US troops to be sent to die on foreign battlefields…”

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