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Trump explodes at Jan 6 committee and Democrats in projecting statement as probe intensifies

Trump explodes at Jan 6 committee and Democrats in projecting statement as probe intensifies

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As the January 6th Commission kicks into gear and begins delving through the enormous troves of documents related to the horrifying events of a day that will truly live in infamy, all roads inevitably lead right back to the White House and to the man responsible for inciting the riot in the first place — Donald J. Trump.

In a recent interview, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) declared that “This is just the beginning. We are trying to find out what happened leading up to January 6th, the various elements, the reasoning, who instigated it, why they instigated it, and the like. We want to find out every element of it and so we’ve made this request and this is, as I said, just the beginning.”

The former president has done little but watch TV and rack up investigations into his almost certainly illegal and definitely reprehensible behavior before, during, and now after his disastrous presidency, to his unending frustration and incredulity. The accusations at the heart of the January 6th investigation are somehow even more serious than the abuses of presidential power that led to his first impeachment hearing as Trump stands implicated in a wide-ranging conspiracy to overturn our very democracy itself in order to keep power for himself — and Trump is reaching the bottom of the barrel in his attempts to defend himself in the public eye.

On Wednesday night, Trump released a statement trashing the committee as a “partisan sham” despite the presence of two Republicans — Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and accused the Biden administration of attempting to distract the nation from “catastrophes” in reality all have their roots in Donald Trump’s appalling governance of this country.

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Judging from the rhetoric in this statement, we can deduce that Trump himself almost certainly did not write it. It is far too professional and attempts to make a legal justification for resisting the investigation’s demands and speaks at length about “principles, all of which are things that Trump couldn’t care less about. More importantly, it is almost entirely devoid of the Upper East Side bitchiness that usually accompanies any Trump statement (not a single reference to “Nasty Nancy!” or that “bitter horrible human being” Liz Cheney! Very sad!).

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Knowing Trump, it’s likely not easy for him to relinquish control of his platform in order to put out a statement out of sheer political necessity — which in itself speaks to the danger that Trump finds himself in. Not any legal trouble, for at this point it’s clear that there’s no reason to believe any tangible consequence will affect the inexplicably bulletproof Donald Trump until it actually happens.

But his legacy and his image — the two most important things to him — are in serious danger of being once again dragged through the mud for the whole world to see, and that is unacceptable to a narcissist like Trump.

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