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Psaki barely disguises her contempt as NY Post reporter tries to gin up Biden dog scandal

Psaki barely disguises her contempt as NY Post reporter tries to gin up Biden dog scandal

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Since the day he was inaugurated, Republicans have been desperate to pin a scandal to President Joe Biden. Attacking his incredibly popular legislative agenda has proven fruitless and so they’ve predictably resorted to shameless, bad faith smearing. They’ve seized upon the chaotic situation in Afghanistan as proof of his unfitness for office, conveniently ignoring the fact that Donald Trump previously called for an even hastier withdrawal from the region.

The GOP will continue to barrage Biden with mischaracterizations and half-truths about the situation in Afghanistan until the last U.S. troops are removed from Kabul at the end of the month — at which point they’ll be forced to manufacture outrage over something new. A question from a New York Post reporter during today’s White House Press Briefing showed just how difficult that might prove. Of all things, Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s dogs.

“Yesterday, the conservative transparency group Judicial Watch released Secret Service records on dog bites involving the First Dog Major. One email said that Secret Service agents were bitten every single day for eight days from March 1st to March 8th and that a White House visitor was as well, ” said the reporter.

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“At a March 9th briefing you only described one biting instance to us and described the dogs as being whisked back to Delaware on a preplanned to family friends,” he went on. “Obviously, that is not the world’s most important story but it is significant because we expect honest information even for minor stories. So can you explain to us why there was a kind of misleading account presented to us? And if we can’t get honest information about minor stories why should we have faith in the administration’s account for larger issues like Afghanistan?”

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“I know you do keep the dog in the news in the Briefing Room so thank you for that,” said Psaki. “As we have stated previously Major has had some challenges adjusting to life in the White House. He has been receiving additional training as well as spending some time in Delaware where the environment is more familiar to him and he is more comfortable. I don’t have any additional specifics but I think that speaks to where Major is located to be fully transparent in your ongoing interest with the dog,” she added with more than little shade.

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As she often does, Psaki treated a frivolous question with all the seriousness it deserved.

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