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“Clinically insane” — Stephen Miller’s spouts brutal diagnosis of Joe Biden’s Afghan refugee policy

“Clinically insane” — Stephen Miller’s spouts brutal diagnosis of Joe Biden’s Afghan refugee policy

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If anyone deserves a pop psychology malpractice suit, it’s the former Trump administration resident white nationalist troll, Stephen Miller.

One may have thought that with the ignominious end of the Trump presidency, we would be spared the frequent presence of this hateful and despicable bigot on the nation’s media airwaves, but Miller continues to haunt the studios of Fox News and other right-wing extremist news outlets, intent on eroding the majority support for the Democratic president who has moved to reverse the heinous immigration policies that his racist predecessor implemented.

The Nosferatu-like Miller was at it again this morning in an appearance on the Fox News program of the equally deplorable Maria Bartiromo, an anchor at the network who long ago abandoned any dedication to presenting the truth in favor of being one of the leading cheerleaders for Donald Trump and a major disseminator of his lies.

The topic was the resettlement of Afghan refugees — most of whom played crucial roles in assisting U.S. military forces during the 20-year war in their country — in the United States, and Miller went seemingly apoplectic when asked his “thoughts on this debacle,” as Bartiromo phrased it.

“This is a double Biden disaster,” Miller ranted, as his voice displayed increasing volume to go along with his pent-up rage. “He got rid of the Trump plan, the Trump conditions-based plan. And now Afghanistan is a terror wonderland once again, with terrorists just running around doing whatever they want to do.”

Miller is a misguided, if master, fear-monger who quickly raised the specter of terrorism in the homeland to support his invective against adding more immigrants to America’s melting pot.

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“Have we forgotten so quickly the 9/11 terrorists were granted visas by our State Department?” the agitated anti-immigrant advocate shouted. “Have we forgotten so quickly that all that blood was shed because we weren’t able to secure our own immigration system? Now we’re going to repeat these mistakes again?” he rhetorically questioned.

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In a fever pitch of bigoted paranoia. Miller then hyperbolically accused President Biden of allowing “every person in the world who is living under Islamic theocracy” to receive refuge in the United States.

“How is that safe for us?” he moaned. “But this open-ended obligation to take up every one of the 40 million people who would prefer to live here than under Sharia law is clinically insane! And we will rue the day that we made that decision.”

Obviously, Miller prefers the type of religious rule envisioned by his right-wing allies, who seek to impose their own Christian version of Sharia law on the citizens of America in defiance of the First Amendment principles of the separation of church and state.

Miller may consider Sharia law and the Biden administration policies on Afghan refugees as “clinically insane,” but one look at the video of his appearance on Bartiromo’s program this morning may convince the reader that that diagnosis should be more properly applied to Miller himself.

Given his penchant for ordering the separation of families and the incarceration of refugee children perhaps the modifier for insane should be changed from “clinically” to “criminally.”

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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