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Kid Rock is forced to eat his words & cancel concerts as half his band gets sick after Sturgis rally

Kid Rock is forced to eat his words & cancel concerts as half his band gets sick after Sturgis rally

Three weeks ago, the superannuated performer who still insists on being called “Kid” Rock was flying high, on stage in front of over half a million people at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally in South Dakota.

Paying scant heed to the warnings that the rally was likely to be an even bigger superspreader than even last year’s COVID-filled edition with the recent Delta variant surge in the pandemic, Kid Rock boasted of his defiance of conventional wisdom in a social media post he wrote the day after his Sturgis appearance, taunting his critics by saying “there is nothing the mainstream media or internet or social media trolls can do but look at this pic and weep, knowing you will never beat us.”

Just a few weeks later, a defeated Kid Rock is now rap-singing an entirely different tune.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, the fading celebrity was forced to announce that he would have to cancel this weekend’s concert dates due to the fact that over half his band had contracted COVID — along with a large number of the unvaxxed and mask-adverse bikers who attended the South Dakota rally and brought the virus home with them.

In his typically obnoxious fashion, Rock apologized to his fans while hurling insults at any justified detractors who might be ready to tell him “we told you so,” while indicating that the COVID virus had even struck those vaccinated band members whose risk of contracting it was considerably lower than those who foolishly refused to take the prophylactic precaution of a vaccine.

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In case you may be tempted to feel even a modicum of sympathy for the ersatz Detroit white rapper whose continued career viability amazes those with an iota of musical taste, Kid Rock immediately followed his post announcing the cancellation with more of the thoughtless, jingoistic B.S. that he is known to purvey.

Far be it from anyone to wish ill fortune on others, but it is particularly difficult to muster much of a response beyond “well, that was both a predictable and well-deserved outcome” after hearing of Kid Rock’s woes after putting his band in such an obviously dangerous situation.

While many of his clueless fans offered their condolences, other responses to his post were not so generous with their comments.

Hopefully, the members of Kid Rock’s band will all fully recover from their illnesses and be back soon to allow the entertainer to get back to earning a living through his provocative brand of faux rebellion and weak beats, although the statistics will favor those who did go to the trouble of getting their vaccinations.

Judging from his posts, however, it’s doubtful that Kid Rock himself has learned anything from this sad experience.

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Original reporting by Ron Filipkowski.

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