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Gingrich faceplants while mocking Kamala’s visit to McCain memorial after inconvenient photos emerge

Gingrich faceplants while mocking Kamala’s visit to McCain memorial after inconvenient photos emerge

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Being a prominent Republican in 2021 is a fairly simple racket. You really just need a few things: a complete disinterest (or even better apathy) towards morality, a willingness to prostrate yourself at the clownish altar of Trump, and a penchant for launching bad-faith attacks on your political opponents around the clock. While former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is no longer an elected official, he gleefully fulfills all three requirements during his frequent public statements and in doing so embodies the rotten soul of the modern GOP.

Earlier today, Gingrich shared photographs of Vice President Kamala Harris on her recent trip to Hanoi. While there, she laid flowers at a memorial to the capture of the late John McCain during the Vietnam War. Gingrich tried to twist the gesture—which was clearly intended as a sign of respect for a man with whom Harris disagreed with politically—by saying that she was laboring under the “mistaken belief” that the memorial was erected in honor of McCain when it’s really in honor of the men who captured him.

Gingrich insisted this imagined mistake “tells you everything you need to know about the incompetence and naïveté of Biden team” because it allegedly shows that they cannot “tell who the friends and enemies are.”

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Unfortunately for the deeply ignorant or deeply dishonest Gingrich, John McCain himself visited the memorial numerous times and Twitter users were quick to point out as much. In his salivating fervor to land a hit on our first female vice president, Gingrich embarrassed himself in front of his 2.2 million Twitter followers.

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On a more macro level, Gingrich’s tweet exemplifies all that’s gone wrong with the Republican Party. A show of bipartisan respect for a fallen senator and POW from a sitting vice president should be commended by all, instead creeps like Gingrich use it to spread partisan lies.

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