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Ted Cruz’s Cancun scandal reignites after he complains about Americans being left “behind”

Ted Cruz’s Cancun scandal reignites after he complains about Americans being left “behind”

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It’s still too soon to fully judge the Biden administration’s military withdrawal from Afghanistan. While ending the 20-year-old war was a popular decision with most Americans, many have been quick to criticize the way it was handled with some alleging that it was rushed or poorly executed. Implicit in these criticisms is the idea, never fully expanded upon with any real detail, that there was some perfect, bloodless way to end the occupation.

The harsh reality is that losing a war is never a tidy affair. There was always going to be chaos in the final days. What should be stressed is that Biden had the courage as commander-in-chief to make the hard decision to stop sacrificing American blood and treasure in a conflict that our government long ago realized was unwinnable. Currents polls may be harsh in their appraisal but history will likely record his actions as prudent.

For Republicans, the withdrawal has proven to be a media godsend. The same cynical chattering heads who praised Trump when he called for an even earlier withdrawal are now pretending as if President Biden has done the unthinkable. Right-wingers are simultaneously accusing the White House of betraying our Afghan allies while whining about the United States accepting refugees from the region. All of their attacks are bad faith and constitute nothing more than cheap partisan efforts to smear a president of the opposing party.

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has predictably proven himself to be one of the most outspoken and odious detractors of the Biden administration’s withdrawal. Last night he took to Twitter to share a CNN clip detailing the story of a Texas family reportedly left behind in Afghanistan after U.S. forces departed from Kabul. While such stories are deeply concerning, Cruz’s supposed concern should be taken with a mountain of salt. It should also be noted that the U.S. State Department has been urging Americans to leave Afghanistan for months now.

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Cruz stated that the story was “horrifying” and “wrong.” Of course, if Biden had extended the withdrawal deadline and the Taliban used that extension as an excuse to reignite open hostilities, Americans and civilians may have been killed in which case right-wingers like Cruz would have condemned Biden for not withdrawing sooner. There is no decision he could have made that would have pleased them because their only interest is smearing him.

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“America doesn’t leave Americans behind,” Cruz concluded his tweet. The senator would have been wise to choose his words more carefully as the tweet immediately prompted users to bring up his now-infamous Cancun vacation. While his home state of Texas was being brutalized by winter storms and mass power outages he quite literally “left Americans behind” by trying to sneak away for a secret vacation to Mexico.

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