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Anti-abortion group sparks brutal mockery after posting freakish fetus photo to defend Texas law

Anti-abortion group sparks brutal mockery after posting freakish fetus photo to defend Texas law

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The fears of those who worked to prevent the election of Donald Trump in 2016 in the hopes of preventing him from reshaping the Supreme Court were at least partially validated last night when the court—which has a 6-3 conservative majority—refused to take action to block a Texas law which bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The court’s failure to act means the law now goes into effect in that state, marking the implementation of what The New York Times has dubbed “the most restrictive abortion law in the nation.”

While it’s possible that the court may yet take action against the law, the failure of the justices to act swiftly guarantees that some women in need of abortions in Texas will be unable to secure them.

Such Draconian anti-choice legislation has long been the dream of fanatical Republicans and it seems the Faustian pact they made in electing Trump is, at least in the short term, paying grim dividends. In a worst-case scenario the Texas bill—which is known as Senate Bill 8 and includes no exceptions for abortions even in the case of incest or rape—could encourage other states to adopt similar laws.

Those who care about the body autonomy of women are understandably distraught over the possibility of this law remaining in effect, but right-wingers are ecstatic.

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Live Action, an organization that describes itself on Twitter as “a global human rights movement dedicated to ending abortion and building a culture of life” tweeted today in defense of Senate Bill 8.

Clearly, its definition of “humans rights” doesn’t include a woman’s right to choose. And by “a culture of life” they apparently mean a life shackled to an unwanted pregnancy. To these people, their religious convictions are more important than a woman’s fundamental right to shape her own life.

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The tweet in question purported to share an image of a “baby” at 7 weeks old — a fetus which in actuality looks far more like an alien than a human being. The tweet said that the Texas law “protects” such “children.” While the organization clearly thought the tweet would make a compelling case for banning abortions, all it really does is demonstrate how far from a human being a fetus is.

The tweet quickly went viral, and not in the way intended, as users mocked the absurdity of it.

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