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Prominent Republicans trumpet Texas law in ghoulish celebration of stripping away women’s rights

Prominent Republicans trumpet Texas law in ghoulish celebration of stripping away women’s rights

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In a stunning blow to women’s rights last night, the 6-3 conservative majority Supreme Court refused a request to block a new Texas law that bans abortions after 6 weeks. The incredibly draconian legislation empowers regular citizens to bring outrageous civil lawsuits against anyone in the state who aids a woman looking to terminate a pregnancy. It functions as a Kafkaesque workaround of Roe V. Wade and is clearly unconstitutional.

The court’s decision means the law—which makes no exceptions for abortions even in cases of rape or incest—now goes into effect in that state, marking the implementation of what The New York Times has dubbed “the most restrictive abortion law in the nation.”

Outrage has been widespread, with Democratic politicians, pro-choice activists, and average concerned citizens clambering to find a way to reverse the horrendous bill. Some predict that other red states will soon pass similar laws, spelling out the death of Roe without the Supreme Court even having to officially overturn it.

This is the nightmare scenario that so many of us warned of in 2016. Electing Donald Trump, an alleged serial rapist, and then allowing him to pack the court with right-wing psychopaths was always going to lead to a dire situation like the one the women of Texas now find themselves in.

The court has shredded through the myth that it’s apolitical and is pursuing an unpopular right-wing agenda to appease the powerful conservatives who placed them on the bench, most notably the judicial architects at the Federalist Society. If things continue down this path, liberals will have no other option but to pack the court to enforce the will of the majority who do not want abortion outlawed.

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The court’s decision also serves as a reminder of the ghoulishness of the other side. Republicans are not only trotting out the usual milquetoast insistence that abortion is “murder,” they’re outright mocking concerned women and calling for a full ban on abortions everywhere. Take a look at some of the worst offenders below. This is what we’re up against.

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