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Biden casts major shade on Trump by asking America to imagine if he were still president

Biden casts major shade on Trump by asking America to imagine if he were still president

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President Biden has received a barrage of criticisms—some of them valid, most of them leveled in bad faith—over his withdrawal from Afghanistan. Regardless of what one thinks of the specifics of the withdrawal, it’s difficult to argue that his decision to end an unwinnable twenty-year war was the wrong one. History will vindicate him and the Republicans howling in faux outrage will eventually move on to some new imagined scandal or alleged failure of leadership when the general public loses interest in this one.

The simple fact is that Biden’s presidency so far has constituted an almost unfathomable improvement over his predecessor’s. After four years of Donald Trump abusing the Oval Office to enrich and expand the influence of his family and cronies, we finally have a president who puts the interests of the country first.

The economy is going strong and the federal government is taking every available step to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. How else is President Biden a massive improvement? Let us count the ways.

We no longer have a president who refuses to read his briefings or educate himself about the world around him… We no longer have a president regularly spouting racist rhetoric or targeting migrants with cruel family separation policies… We no longer have a president who uses military aid to extort foreign leaders into helping him smear political opponents… The list goes on and on. Anyone who misses Trump at this point either isn’t paying attention or is so deeply embedded in the MAGA cult that they’ll never see the light.

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During his remarks today, President Biden took a well-deserved potshot at Trump.

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“There’ve been so many records the stock market has hit under my presidency. Imagine if the other guy was here,” said Biden, throwing shade on Trump without even giving him the dignity of mentioning him by name. “‘We’re doing great. It’s wonderful. The stock market is surging. It’s gone up higher under me than anybody.’ But that doesn’t mean it’s the best for the economy.”

We should all do just as Biden suggested and imagine the terrible state this country would be in if the worst president in American history had won a second term. The prospect is chilling.

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