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Donald Trump’s latest Melania problem may impact his decision to run in 2024

Donald Trump’s latest Melania problem may impact his decision to run in 2024

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While Donald Trump in his post-presidency keeps reappearing in public like the unwanted return of a rotting corpse on The Walking Dead, his wife Melania has purposefully kept a low profile since departing the White House.

Now CNN is reporting that the former First Lady has no interest in ever returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if her husband does indeed decide on a second bid for the presidency.

The network’s Kate Bennett appeared on Kaitlan Collins’ Sunday morning program Inside Politics today to relay what she’s heard from Melania’s friends and associates in recent days.

“Not unlike 2016, Melania Trump has no intention really of joining the campaign or being a prolific presence,” Bennett said. “I’ve spoken to people who said that she’s not really even interested in being in the White House again, going through being first lady again.”

“We know she’s an extremely private person and that being in the public eye wasn’t necessarily something she wanted to do in the first place,” Bennett continued. “She’s retreated now back to Mar-a-Lago, being a mom, et cetera, and she really has no interest in helping her husband with his perceived, as we all know, his political ambitions.”

While it was fairly obvious during Trump’s four years in office that Melania was not exactly an enthusiastic participant in the types of ceremonial duties typically expected of a First Lady, eventually Melania acquiesced to at least occasionally play at the role after an initial delay in moving into the White House — a stunt that unconfirmed rumor has it was done as a strategic move while she renegotiated her pre-nuptial agreement.

Kaitlan Collins then asked Bennett whether Donald was again negotiating with Melania on her stance against a second run for the nation’s highest office.

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“I don’t think that’s how they operate,” Bennett opined. “People are under the misconception that this is a couple that don’t spend time together, they don’t talk — it’s really not true. They have very independent lives but they do consult each other. In 2016 when she was asked to do events, asked to go on campaign events and rallies, the answer was ‘no’ so often that people on Trump’s campaign just stopped asking her because it was always going to be a no — and we’ll see that again this time around,” she declared.

It remains to be seen whether Melania’s reluctance to rejoin the manic whirlwind of a political campaign will influence her husband’s decision to run for president once again, but many people are certainly hoping that it will be incarceration after Trump is held accountable for his many prosecutable offenses that will be the thing that prevents him from becoming the 2024 GOP presidential candidate.

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You can watch a video of the segment from CNN‘s Inside Politics below.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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