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Sen. Grassley sparks furious backlash with wildly out of touch Labor Day tweet

Sen. Grassley sparks furious backlash with wildly out of touch Labor Day tweet

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Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has been a politician employed in one elected office or another since before the vast majority of the citizens of his home state were even born.

Still, the 87-year-old senator felt the need to project a more working-class image to his rural constituents in Iowa when sending out his annual Labor Day message on social media yesterday.

Grassley tried to earn his blue-collar bona-fides by hearkening back to his early twenties when he was just another assembly line worker, feeding his family by risking repetitive stress injuries in a job without much in the way of intellectual stimulation.

If Grassley expected admiration from the cynical denizens of social media for his Labor Day reverie, he must have been sorely disappointed by the replies that his tweet received.

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Not exactly an outpouring of support for the superannuated Iowa senator!

The only shock that can be derived from the responses to his tweet is that no one made the obvious comment that Senator Grassley’s prior experience in preparing products for a good screwing was the perfect training for a way-too-long career in the United States Senate.

Perhaps Senator Grassley should put more effort into ensuring that today’s workers in America could support a family of five on an assembly-line worker’s salary than engaging in nostalgic remembrances of things past as his critics so eloquently express to him in their responses.

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