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Tomi Lahren sows seeds of insurrection with reckless lies

Tomi Lahren sows seeds of insurrection with reckless lies

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Having thoroughly destroyed liberal democracy in Texas with their legislative assaults on voting and women’s reproductive rights while allowing permit-free possession of deadly weapons, Republican politicians have set their sights on doing the same in the nation’s most populous state, California.

Due to the Golden State’s bizarre recall election laws — which allow only 12% of the state’s voters to initiate a recall (after paying a measly $4,000 filing fee) that will reportedly cost $276 million of California tax dollars to hold — the next governor of California could be someone elected with only the support of a minuscule minority of the state’s citizens.

While current polls show that the current Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom maintains a double-digit lead in the recall contest so far, concerns remain that the Democratic electorate may not possess sufficient enthusiasm to bother to show up to the polls to vote against removing Newsom.

Still, right-wing media, disappointed that none of the numerous GOP challengers attempting to reach the governor’s mansion in Sacramento have gained sufficient traction to ensure their return to the state’s top office, are preparing for a Trumpian reaction if their recall bid does indeed fail.

Even before the first ballot is counted, pundits on the right are already warning that the only way that their recall efforts will fail is because of voter fraud, despite the polls that indicate that the majority of California voters see no need for a change in Newsom’s employment status.

One need not go any further than Fox News to see proof of this lamentable latest propaganda attempt.

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Right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren, her hair a shade darker than her previously over-bleached tresses, primed the pump for some post-election unrest from the MAGA crowd with her misinterpretation of the drift of the will of the electorate.

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Lahren’s words will likely result in some viewers who will reject any electoral results that they don’t agree with the outcome of and perhaps even some subsequent violence.

Let’s hope that she will be held accountable for her incitement if indeed a defeat of the California recall initiative inspires the type of insurrectionists that attacked the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. after Donald Trump’s landslide defeat to further violence.

Meanwhile, every voter in California needs to head to the polls on or before September 14th to vote no to the ludicrous recall question on the ballot and stop the GOP soft coup attempt in progress.

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