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Prominent Republican launches vile sexual smear against Vice President Harris

Prominent Republican launches vile sexual smear against Vice President Harris

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By now it should come as little surprise that the party that elevated an avowed sexual predator and alleged rapist like Donald Trump to the White House is rife with misogynists. Many Republicans hated Hillary Clinton solely because she was a woman, and this same despicable bigoted streak emerged in 2020 when Joe Biden announced then-Senator Kamala Harris as his running mates.

Conservatives, desperate to tear down a powerful woman who both enraged and frightened them due to her gender, began spreading the smear that Harris “slept her way to the top.” For them, it’s simply unthinkable that a woman—even one as intelligent and hardworking as Harris—could ascend to the heights of political power on merit alone. Rather than level substantive criticisms about her policies or career, they stoop to the lowest form of mudslinging in an effort to belittle and dismiss her. It’s a strategy they would never wield against a straight man.

Jesse Kelly, a radio host with an influential Twitter presence of almost 300,000 followers, blasted out a reminder of this odious trend in right-wing circles earlier today by putting his misogyny on full display. He shared an article about Harris’s plans to visit California to campaign against the recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom and commented that it was “good” that she’s returning to her “old kneeling grounds,” a disgusting play on the phrase “stomping grounds” meant to evoke the image of oral sex.

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Kelly, an ardent Trump supporter, transphobe, anti-vax enabler, defender of Confederate statutes, and generally terrible human being, has cultivated a reputation on Twitter for regularly spewing filth meant to offend. He has had his account suspended in the past but insists on engaging in this kind of offensive rhetoric. He accomplishes nothing beyond spreading hate but presumably doesn’t care because he likes the attention. People like this deserve nothing but our scorn and ridicule.

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