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Ocasio-Cortez dismisses Sarah Palin’s attacks on her in scathing response: “go cry about it”

Ocasio-Cortez dismisses Sarah Palin’s attacks on her in scathing response: “go cry about it”

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It’s been quite a while since we heard from the perpetually confused and deranged Tea Party matriarch Sarah Palin, but she inevitably caused a major stir with her latest venture into the public eye in classic Sarah Palin fashion — shoving her foot directly into her mouth.

Joining FOX News (of course), Palin decided to complain about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s vehement opposition to Texas’ draconian anti-abortion law and her use of the trans-inclusive phrase “menstruating person” instead of “woman” (some trans people do not identify as women but still physically menstruate) and spewed out an incoherent rambling that focused on how “political” was bad and that Palin was the “real feminist.”

Wow, AOC, she’s really milkin’ this, she is such a fake feminist that she would bring up an issue like this and try to use it to make some kind of political point — that, that’s not equality, right? Don’t even get me started about this. she should be embarrassed to even have tried to bring up an issue like that and make her political point, she’s so off base politically, but off base, even in um, this analogy, or whatever it is she’s throwing out there, she’s milkin’ the whole female thing, and as a real feminist I’m embarrassed for her!”

Since Palin was clearly unable to comprehend what a “feminist” is, basic respect for people no matter their gender or sexual identity, or how “politics” works, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez did not bother to dignify her with a substantial response but instead told her to go cry about it in a hilarious video response.

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This is the correct response. All we get from the Republican Party these days are seething rants that are so divorced from reality and basic human decency that they don’t deserve to be responded to with anything other than scorn, condescension, and disgust.

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