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CORRECTION: Unearthed study claims serious side effect in store for horse dewormer truthers

CORRECTION: Unearthed study claims serious side effect in store for horse dewormer truthers

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CORRECTION: This post has been labeled PARTLY FALSE by Science Feeback.
They write:
Inadequate support: A study reporting reduced sperm quality in patients treated with ivermectin only looked at a very small group of patients, and didn’t compare results with a control group that was untreated with ivermectin. Several animal studies show no negative effect on sperm quality.
Misrepresents source: The study did not conclude that 85% of patients became sterile after taking ivermectin. Instead, the study referred to an earlier report, which suggested that 85% of patients treated with ivermectin were found to have changes in their sperm. That report was affected by several issues.

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Ever since Trump and the rest of the right-wing media sphere decided to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic and demonize the vaccine in their monstrously selfish efforts to turn everything into a culture war flashpoint, the more skeptical members of American society have been desperately searching for an “alternative” cure.

Their first obsession was the drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been found to have “no significant benefit and the possibility of serious cardiac harm.” This didn’t stop Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican propaganda engine from championing its use as an alternative to the vaccine that his own administration developed and approved. One man even killed himself by accidentally purchasing and ingesting chloroquine phosphate, which is used to clean fish tanks.

Despite the complete failure of hydroxychloroquine to do anything against COVID-19, the vaccine skeptic community has moved on to a new miracle cure: the horse dewormer Ivermectin. While there is some limited application for use in humans, it — as you might have guessed — is used to treat parasitic worms, which is obviously not at all the same thing as a coronavirus. But that hasn’t stopped people from demanding prescriptions from their doctors in droves and cleaning out the shelves of equestrian shops in their efforts to find a way to save their lives that don’t involve the one thing that would actually keep them safe.

But the men taking ivermectin may soon find themselves regretting their extremely uninformed decision. A 2011 study from Nigeria discovered that ivermectin, which is used in Africa to treat terrifying diseases like river blindness, found that ivermectin caused “sterilization in 85% of men.”

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WFLA reports: 

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The study conducted by researchers in Nigeria screened 385 patients with river blindness to investigate the effects of ivermectin on sperm function. For the study, the ivermectin tablets were used by patients.

Of the 385 patients screened, 37 were eligible for further testing and had normal sperm counts, while the “remaining patients had very low sperm counts and were therefore not used for further tests or were too weak” when initial screening was performed, according to the study.

The researchers found that 85 percent of all male patients treated in a particular center with ivermectin in the recent past who went to the laboratory for routine tests were discovered to have developed various forms, grades and degrees of sperm dysfunction.

The “degrees of sperm dysfunction” apparently include double-tailed sperm, double-headed sperm, tiny tails, low sperm counts, and low sperm motility.

While the study has not been deemed credible by western medical experts due to the lack of limitations included in the report, it is a sharp reminder of how wide the range of outcomes can be when you refuse to just get the vaccine and follow commonsense guidelines for restricting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Words cannot express how frustrating it is that so many thousands of people have been led astray by propagandists to the point where they’re buying horse paste that could be killing all their semen but still won’t get the vaccine.

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