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MTG unveils the psychotic plans she has for America if the GOP wins in 2022

MTG unveils the psychotic plans she has for America if the GOP wins in 2022

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), one of the most overtly unhinged elected officials in the entire Republican Party, took to Twitter today to celebrate Joe Biden’s supposed loss of “massive amounts of voters.” The tweet in question demonstrates a pathetic degree of wishful thinking on her part since President Biden’s momentary dip in the polls can be easily attributed to the chaos stemming from the Afghanistan withdrawal. As we move further away from the decision, the backlash will die down and in the long term, Biden will likely be celebrated for ending a two-decades-long failed war.

Greene used her premature celebration of Biden’s political demise as a springboard to launch into a wishlist of legislative agenda items she’d love to pursue if Republicans take back the House in the midterm elections. She predicted that such an outcome is likely since “Democrat voters are so angry at their own party,” a silly, untrue characterization that could only come from someone as fundamentally disconnected from reality as Greene.

The measures suggested by Greene include plenty of predictable right-wing talking points like impeaching President Biden, impeaching Vice President Kamala Harris, firing Dr. Fauci, funding the asinine border wall, and targeting undocumented immigrants. But her list also included some truly insane suggestions that offer a chilling glimpse into just how radical the Republican Party has become in recent years.

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Greene called for ending vaccine mandates, ending mask mandates, and ending “discrimination” against the unvaccinated. Such steps would accomplish exactly two things: pandering to the anti-vaccine crowd and ensuring that COVID-19 infection and death rates skyrocket. For Greene, the latter is an acceptable price to pay for the former.

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The Georgia Congresswoman also suggested ending Gun-Free Zones and giving tax breaks to gun owners for some reason. She suggested that Congress “declare” there are only two genders, a pointless idea clearly aimed at marginalizing and mocking LGBTQ+ people. Since this is Greene, she also made sure to include some truly absurd conspiracy theories like suggesting Fauci developed the coronavirus as a bioweapon and stating that Black Lives Matter protests (which she called riots) were funded by some shadowy individuals.

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Take a look at her agenda below. But beware, for as Nietzche warned: if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

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