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Trump mocked for printing, signing, and sending a tweet complimenting his looks to alt-right figure

Trump mocked for printing, signing, and sending a tweet complimenting his looks to alt-right figure

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One of the stranger quirks of the MAGA cult is the way its members conceptualize Donald Trump. It’s not enough for them to simply heap undeserved praise on him and tout his imagined accomplishments, they feel this bizarre need to present him as perfect in every way, including physically.

Right-wing cartoons of Trump often depict him as muscular, chiseled, strong-chinned, with billowing golden hair. The real Trump is of course a decrepit, obese, 75-year-old man with sagging skin, a bad spray tan, and a thinning combover. The disconnect between his real appearance and the way his supporters talk about him is genuinely funny and there is clearly some level of psychosexual fetishization at work.

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Take for example a tweet penned earlier today by Jack Posobiec, a prominent alt-right figure, early supporter of the deranged Pizzagate conspiracy theory, and alleged white nationalist. Posobiec shared a picture of a previous tweet of his in which he had shared a photograph of Trump and marveled that the former president appeared to be “getting younger.” The photograph indicated no such youthful resurgence and Trump just looked like an old man in it.

Hilariously, it appears that Trump himself saw Posobiec’s tweet, had it printed out, signed it with a thank you and a compliment that Posobiec looks “great also,” and then had it to delivered to Posobiec. Since Trump is banned from Twitter, this likely means one of his toadies saw the tweet and flagged it for his viewing, presumably because he or she knows how susceptible to flattery Trump is and always has been.

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If true, this little incident is pathetic on so many levels. Posobic is pathetic for pretending that Trump looks good in the original photo, Trump is pathetic for getting so excited about the false compliment that he felt a need to send a signed tweet to Posobiec, and then Posobiec is doubly pathetic for excitedly sharing a photo of the signed tweet on his page. None of these people are well, their minds are rotted by delusions and insecurities and it’s amazing that they feel comfortable broadcasting their warped neuroses like this.

Some of the responses were predictably brutal.

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