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“Grossly incompetent”: The irony of Donald Trump’s latest potshots at President Biden

“Grossly incompetent”: The irony of Donald Trump’s latest potshots at President Biden

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Raise a glass and toast to the good old days!

The days when those who descended from the pinnacle of power as President of the United States, voluntarily or voted out of office, had the good sense — and class — to refrain from commenting on the actions of their successor.

Since Donald Trump left the White House under a flurry of scurrilous claims about a stolen election and a thankfully thwarted coup attempt, however, he has wasted no opportunity to publicly criticize Joe Biden, the man who beat him by more than 7 million votes.

Given that Trump has nominally been banned from posting to most social media platforms, he has had to seek other avenues to have his barbs disseminated widely.

And, while the various cesspools of misinformation that are the right-wing television and radio media are more than happy to propagate any golden turd emanating from the churning pile of rubble encased in Trump’s cranium, he has reliably turned to the remarkably still-not suspended Twitter account of his latest spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, to issue official-looking press releases emblazoned with “Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America” at the top, as if his claims of still being the nation’s rightful ruler were actually true.

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On the sad anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, Trump decided to pull out all the stops with his potshots lobbed from the sidelines at the new Commander-In-Chief, his vehemence only underscoring the irony of some of his claims.

He began with a prerecorded video statement that was ostensibly a memorial statement for those who perished in the attacks of 9/11 but quickly pivoted into a jeremiad against Biden’s execution of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan — after Trump forced his hand with his shameful deal with the Taliban.

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Hopefully, not too many readers ruined their clothing after spitting out their coffee laughing when Trump had the temerity to say “the leader of our country was made to look like a fool,” after embodying that very foolishness for the entirety of his four-year term.

Trump compounded the irony of his comments about Biden actually being an exquisite description of himself with his next statement which wasn’t even afforded the dignity of being issued as an official press release.

The American people are quite familiar with the experience of having “grossly incompetent people at the helm” after the shit-show that was the Trump regime and its handling of the COVID pandemic, in particular.

The idea that any withdrawal from Afghanistan wouldn’t have been immeasurably worse if conducted by the Trump administration is one of the most risible fever dreams concocted by the twice-impeached former president.

If only Trump were done for the day, but he still had another bundle of pernicious propaganda to drop before he was done.

Liz Harrington obediently complied by posting this gem attacking Biden’s vaccine mandates as Trump continued to negatively affect the fight against the COVID pandemic even after his hands were forcibly removed from the levers of power.

Trump couldn’t even make up his mind about which topic the Biden administration was trying to change the subject from with the announcement of the vaccine mandates. Was it the withdrawal from Afghanistan or the “Rigged 2020 Presidential Election”?

Trump couldn’t make up his mind and likely couldn’t care less, as long as he is scoring points with his base with his scattershot assault on the Democratic president.

The only real evidence of incompetency demonstrated by the Biden administration is the fact that Donald Trump has yet to be indicted and arrested for his incitement of a seditious insurrection and the many other crimes revealed in his two impeachment proceedings which he only survived due to the cowardice of complicit Republican senators.

Hopefully, that deficiency will soon be rectified by the House select committee investigating the events of that other fateful date — January 6th, 2021 — the apotheosis of everything evil and anti-American inherent in Trump’s cynical political calculus.

In the meantime, Twitter should close the account of Liz Harrington whose dutiful reposting of Trump’s every utterance allows the deceitful ex-president to continue to spew his hateful rhetoric to a wider audience.

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