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Trump lays groundwork for his next big election denial plot

Trump lays groundwork for his next big election denial plot

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Millions of Californians are currently casting their votes as to whether or not they’ll recall their Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. Given the state’s heavy liberal leanings it seems unlikely that the pro-Trump Republican candidate Larry Elder will win, but it’s far from a sure thing. Recognizing this fact, Trump himself is already working to undermine the election results.

In a statement released today, Trump asked if “anybody” really believes that the California recall election “isn’t rigged.” He insisted that “millions of Mail-In Ballots” will ensure that the entire process is warped into “just another giant Election Scam,” incorrectly stating for the umpteenth time that the 2020 election was stolen from him. This alleged scam will be “no different, but less blatant.” As with everything, he had to make this about himself.

As usual, Trump failed to produce so much as a scrap of evidence for his outrageous lie. He has never bothered to fabricate a plausible explanation for how an American election, with all of the safeguards and oversight systems in place, could possibly be rigged or stolen. He knows reality simply doesn’t matter. His MAGA supporters will believe just about anything he says at this point and it almost seems like the more obviously false it is, the more enthusiastically his followers gobble it up.

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It cannot be stressed enough just how dangerous Trump’s rhetoric is. The more he claims that our elections are illegitimate, the more likely it becomes that we see a repeat of the deadly January 6th insurrection. He is convincing millions of people that their votes don’t matter, that they have no way of interacting or influencing their government except through force. If there is more violence the blame for it must be laid squarely at Donald Trump’s feet. Once again he is putting his own ego above the safety of American citizens.

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