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Trump goes nuclear with furious attack on “dumbass” Gen. Mark Milley in wake of book revelations

Trump goes nuclear with furious attack on “dumbass” Gen. Mark Milley in wake of book revelations

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With the release of every tell-all book from behind the scenes in the Trump administration, the nation is inevitably rocked by a series of astonishing revelations and disturbing allegations — and the imminent arrival of Peril by Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward might be the most explosive of all.

Woodward alleges that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley secretly moved to keep Trump from launching nuclear weapons after the events of January 6th, worried about the president’s mental stability after continually “screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.” On top of that, he even contacted his Chinese counterpart,  Gen. Li Zuocheng, to assure him that America would not attack and that the government was stable.

While the appropriateness of Milley’s actions is questionable, his motivations are completely understandable — unless you’re Donald Trump, of course. Trump went nuclear with a furious statement trashing his hand-picked General as a “dumbass” and accusing him of treason while simultaneously disparaging the story entirely as being fiction concocted by the fake news media to bring him down.

His statement sounded a clarion call for the rest of the pro-Trump media sphere, leading to an outpouring of fury and hate against Gen. Milley, who was labelled a traitor from across the board.

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The former president himself said that he had received “many calls” calling Gen. Milley a traitor:

The actions of Gen. Milley might not have been by the book, but you can’t blame him for doing the right thing and doing whatever it took to prevent a clearly unstable and erratic president who had just fomented a mob attack on Congress from using his enormous powers for something far more heinous — unless you’re one of the disciples of the would-be dictator, who have found yet another hunk of meat with which to fuel their insatiable victimhood complex.

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