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Trump makes desperate, nonsense demand for Georgia to undo 2020 election results

Trump makes desperate, nonsense demand for Georgia to undo 2020 election results

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Donald Trump will go to his grave insisting that he won the 2020 election. He maintains his lie that Joe Biden only managed to snatch victory through mass voter fraud and despite the complete lack of evidence his followers have eagerly gobbled up the false narrative. Not even the deadly January 6th insurrection— which was ignited by the big lie about the election—could convince Trump to abandon his dangerous claims. His ego simply won’t allow him.

Today, Trump (who is still banned from Twitter and Facebook) had his spokeswoman Liz Harrington release a copy of a letter he has supposedly sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenseberger.

Trump starts by claiming that “large scale Voter Fraud continues to be reported in Georgia.” One can safely presume that any “large scale Voter Fraud” being reported in Georgia right now is coming from MAGA fanatics who have no proof to back up their claims beyond memes they saw online or things they heard Trump say.

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The former president claims that enclosed with the letter is a “report” allegedly  showing that 43,000 absentee ballots counted in Georgia are “invalid.” Of course, if Trump really had such proof he’d be taking it to court, not mailing it to a Secretary of State who he has already attacked in the past.

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The letter—which Harrington failed to prove has actually been sent to Raffensperger—goes on to ask that the Secretary begin the process of “decertifying the Election” or “whatever the correct legal remedy is” in what amounts to perhaps Trump’s most delusional request to date. In no world is the 2020 election going to be “decertified” and it’s pathetic that the former president would suggest as much. Joe Biden is president and will remain president until the end of his term.

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Trump goes on to say that Raffensberger and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp—both of whom are Republicans—are refusing to acknowledge “now proven facts” and doing a “tremendous disservice” to their state and their country. He called President Biden and his administration “illegitimate,” an incredibly reckless charge that could easily cascade into a repeat of January 6th.

Trump’s behavior is pathetic, but there’s nothing funny about it. He is putting all of us at risk by perpetuating these lies and the Republican Party’s failure to hold him accountable proves that they are unfit to govern.

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