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Don Jr. roasted over comparing “mean tweets” to killing Afghan civilians

Don Jr. roasted over comparing “mean tweets” to killing Afghan civilians

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If one needs to look for any other reason for the precipitous decline in the financial fortunes of the Trump Organization (besides the leadership of Donald Trump, that is), one need seek no further than one of the two sons who were tasked with preserving the family business while their father wreaked havoc in the White House.

If Donald Trump Jr. expended half the energy that he spends on social media trolling for his dad on managing the family real estate empire instead, perhaps the looming mountain of debt facing the Trump Organization would not seem so daunting.

Still, even after his father’s landslide loss to Joe Biden, Junior has persisted with his pugilistic approach on Twitter and other social media platforms, embracing every right-wing trope, and serving as the most offensive defensive political linebacker for his dad that one could imagine.

Take one of Don Jr.’s latest attempts to paint the deplorable online misinformation campaign that he and his father have waged since being expelled from the White House as somehow less destructive than the latest military misstep that occurred during the Biden administration’s frantic withdrawal from Afghanistan, a situation forced by Trump’s surrender agreement to the Taliban.

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The ambiguity of this tweet stems from its use of the “>” symbol, which could be taken to mean “greater than” or could be interpreted as “better than” in this particular context.

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Junior seems to be implying that he and his father’s much-criticized social media bullying is somehow not nearly as bad as his mischaracterization of the U.S. military’s intelligence-gathering failures in Afghanistan during the chaotic withdrawal period.

The respondents to Don Jr.’s defiant and accusatory post begged to differ and pointed out that his own father’s record in the region made the tweet seem particularly hypocritical when the U.S. military under Don Sr. managed to kill more Afghan civilians than the Taliban did in the same period.

Perhaps both Dons,  Jr. and Sr., would be better served by spending less time engaging in their sore-loser social media attacks and more on the fundamentals of their tanking business empire and in preparing their defense in the likely trials to hold them accountable for their misdeeds in the near future.

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