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Matt Gaetz proposes the most unlikely running mate for Trump in 2024

Matt Gaetz proposes the most unlikely running mate for Trump in 2024

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The continuing saga of the swollen testicles continues to get weirder and weirder.

If somehow you’ve been sleeping in a cave in the wilderness or in some sort of induced coma the past week,  you may have missed the clamor over the vaccine-hesitant Trinidadian/American rapper Nicki Minaj and her fateful tweet explaining that she wouldn’t get a COVID shot because her “cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen.”

Everyone from Dr. Anthony Fauci to the health minister of Trinidad and Tobago quickly responded to the hip-hop entertainer’s post by pointing it out as the sort of misinformed urban legend rating up there with the existence of wild alligators in New York City’s sewer system.

Minaj, rather than accepting the chastening of the Trinidadian health minister who accused her of wasting the island nation’s government’s time and resources chasing a phony rumor, doubled down by starting a feud with two journalists attempting to identify and contact that elusive friend of her cousin with the inflated scrotum.

As an account in The Daily Beast explains:

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“Minaj wrote on Instagram, ‘Sharlene Rampersad BITCH YOUR DAYS ARE F–KING NUMBERED YOU DIRTY HOE.’ Minaj posted screenshots of Rampersad reaching out to someone in Minaj’s family on behalf of The Guardian about the pop star’s claims, calling the texts harassment. Minaj ’grammed the business card of a reporter for the Daily Mail as well, James Fielding.”

Minaj’s intransigence in accepting the falsehood of her vaccine misinformation has made her an unlikely hero to the right-wing, anti-vax MAGA crowd.

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While her doxxing of the journalists was naturally condemned by the mainstream news media as a shameful case of the “intimidation of journalists,” as Guardian Media put it, Minaj inspired quite a different reaction from Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Gaetz took one look at the bullying tactics that the rapper employed against the journalists probing her conduct and a light bulb went off in his head — Minaj could be the perfect running mate for the biggest bully the nation has ever seen for his potential 2024 presidential bid.

Gaetz’s ludicrous suggestion garnered exactly the sort of fersponse you would expect from the progressive lurkers on his Twitter account.

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Even if dismissed as a crude attempt at humor, Gaetz’s suggestion of a Trump/Minaj 2024 GOP ticket displays the cult of ignorance that is at the heart of the modern Republican Party.

It is the culmination of decades of inadequate funding of America’s educational systems and the overall dumbing down of America.

The only solution is to vote these dangerous right-wing ideologues out of office and replace them with progressives who will redirect public resources back into education and ensure that future generations don’t fall into the well of idiocy that apparently has entrapped people like Nicki Minaj and Representative Gaetz.

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Original reporting by Blake Montgomery at The Daily Beast and by Matthew Chapman at RawStory.

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