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WATCH: Eric Trump loses it bigly over “weaponized” subpoenas in Fox News interview

WATCH: Eric Trump loses it bigly over “weaponized” subpoenas in Fox News interview

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Eric Trump is in the cry-baby stage now.

Despite the old adage popular amongst the right-wing, law & order types — “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time” — the second son of Donald Trump’s brood is balking at the prospect of being held accountable for the multiple offenses for which his family business is currently under investigation.

Being a Trump, Eric isn’t merely stoically sulking in his gold-plated, palatial accommodations in response to what he sees as a form of unfair political retaliation in response to his father’s disastrous presidency.

Instead, he is loudly proclaiming his misery to the world, taking to the Sunday morning Fox News program of that staunch supporter of his family, Maria Bartiromo — a woman once considered such a cool and objective financial reporter that Joey Ramone wrote a tribute song to her, who is now reduced to a partisan shill bereft of political neutrality.

Specifically, Eric Trump spent a good portion of his appearance vociferously complaining about the avalanche of investigations that he, his family, and the Trump Organization are now being subjected to.

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Complaining that he is being compelled to respond to subpoenas “every single day,” launched into a lengthy, self-pitying lament that demanded a call for hummingbird-sized violins.

“The problem with the Democrats is they dig so deep that they always find themselves,” the third-eldest offspring of Donald Trump began his rant. “And the reason I’m frustrated about this is every single day since my father ran for president, my father and our entire family and our company has been under investigation. Every single day, Maria, we get subpoena after subpoena after subpoena.”

“But, I mean, they weaponized the entire system in this country,” he continued. “They’ve weaponized the DOJ. They’ve weaponized our military. They weaponized the educational system in this country. They’ve weaponized the medical system in this country. The Democrats weaponize absolutely everything they can to use again their political opponents.”

Eric may think that the Democrats have weaponized everything, but unlike his father, they did not weaponize their under-educated, slavishly devoted base into a mob that violently attempted to stage a coup to keep him in power.

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For all of Eric Trump’s high dudgeon, he remains the lesser son of what prosecutors are increasingly investigating as a white-collar mob-like crime family.

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For all his protestations, one must notice that he forgot to include one crucial point, any declaration of innocence of the crimes that are being investigated, albeit much more slowly than the majority of the public would prefer.

If Eric Trump is so distraught at this point — before the first indictment has even been issued — imagine how insufferable he will sound once the convictions and sentences start rolling in.

Now that will be fun to watch!

You can luxuriate in Eric Trump’s discomfort and anger by watching the video excerpt of his interview with Maria Bartiromo attached below.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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