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Marjorie Taylor Greene gets triggered and lashes out after Democrat mocks her workout whiteboard

Marjorie Taylor Greene gets triggered and lashes out after Democrat mocks her workout whiteboard

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So much of modern American politics boils down to the purely performative. Republicans spend more of their time stoking culture war divides and signaling to their base on social media than they do actually advocating for their constituents. In some ways, this strategy is their only option.

Since they exist to serve the interests of the super-rich and corporations they can’t offer any material improvements to the lives of voters. Money spent on social programs is money that they could funneling to the 1% through tax cuts. So instead of actually doing their jobs, they screech about whatever faux outrage is currently coursing through the right-wing media sphere.

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On Twitter today, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took a brief break from the daily rage-mongering and race-baiting to post a largely apolitical tweet but as is always this case with this woman the situation quickly devolved. She noted that Congress was back in session today and urged her followers to “train hard” above a photo of a whiteboard displaying her workout regimen.

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Andy Ostroy, a Democratic filmmaker, retweeted Greene’s photo with the comment that it showed a “whiteboard for a white supremacist.” While hardly the most insightful joke ever leveled at the QAnon Congresswoman, it was certainly fair game given the manner in which she regularly targets Black politicians and calls Black Lives Matter activists “terrorists.”

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Greene was immediately triggered by Ostroy’s tweet and lashed out with an itemized list of complaints. She accused him of having a “weird obsession” with her, an ironic criticism coming from someone as perenially thirsty for attention as Greene. She said that “whiteboards aren’t racist,” which isn’t what Ostroy said in the first place. Obviously, they are not.

Like clockwork, she then pivoted to her right-wing criticisms and decried “critical race theory” while stating that having white skin “doesn’t make you inherently racist,” which again is not what Ostroy said in his tweet. She accused him of hating himself because he’s white and male, yet another strawman.

She ended the attack by urging him to be “thankful” for being American and to unfollow her. Clearly, Ostroy struck a nerve.

Ostroy got in one last zing for the road.

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