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MTG calls for government shutdown as punishment for making us “Chinese slaves” in unhinged interview

MTG calls for government shutdown as punishment for making us “Chinese slaves” in unhinged interview

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Who could have thought, back in the pre-Trump era of the federal government, that today the task of detailing the words and actions of the latest crop of prominent GOP politicians would be akin to eavesdropping on the conversation amongst the inmates in a lunatic asylum?

One need only listen to the ravings of the aggressively voluble Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to validate that simile.

Greene took to the streaming platform Real America’s Voice to speak with Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast and argued that her party should refuse to fund the federal government, ranting that President Biden’s budget proposal would force all Americans to become slaves to China.

“Stopping them from continuing on with the massive debt that they’re piling on you, the American taxpayer, is so critical,” Greene told Bannon. “We have to stop the debt ceiling from being raised because Nancy Pelosi and Schumer, they want to continue it for another 15 months so they can ram through the infrastructure bill and the budget.”

“In reality, they’re setting up the passage for the Green New Deal, which is in raw form in the budget, the $3.5 trillion budget that is going to enslave all of you to China,” she said.

These are the kind of insane conspiracy theories that, in an earlier time, would have a freshman federal legislator laughed off the air of any reputable broadcaster and, likely out of Congress altogether.

Today, with the internet and streaming media supplanting broadcast news as primary sources of information for many Americans, every cuckoo has its own perch from which to sing loudly and unfettered to anyone who deigns to pay attention.

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Steve Bannon responded to Rep. Greene’s glossolalia-like utterances by pointing out that congressional rules mean that Democrats “need the deplorables’ permission” in order to raise the debt ceiling, keep the government open, and fund their priorities. At least, he seems to accept the term “deplorable” as an apt description of the MAGA movement.

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Greene replied with a paranoid response that seemed to blame Democrats for the multiplicity of small businesses that were forced to close because of the COVID pandemic — despite the fact that it was bankruptcy king Donald Trump’s failure to manage the federal response to the viral outbreak that actually caused the situation that resulted in so many business failures.

“Yeah, but let’s keep them shut down,” Greene proposed. “Because what did they do to the American people? How many small businesses closed over Covid? Over 100,000.”

Talk about misplaced anger.

Congresswoman Greene’s insidious proposal inspired Bannon to launch into a rant of his own.

“You’re not going to enslave our children!” Bannon screamed. “Right now, they’re Russian serfs because of what you’ve done. Now they’re going to be debt slaves! We’re not going to do it. You’re not going to be a debt slave. Your children are not going to be debt slaves. Your grandchildren are not going to be debt slaves because in September-October of 2021 we called their bluff!”

Bannon’s fiery rhetoric about the federal debt limit may not find much fertile breeding ground in the minds of many Americans who already feel like debt slaves with their college loans, credit card debts, and mortgage payments weighing them down in an unequal economic system.

You can witness the decline of American civilization in action by watching this video excerpt straight from the heart of the asylum in the clip below.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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