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Trump issues disturbingly Orwellian statement on latest impasse in Congress

Trump issues disturbingly Orwellian statement on latest impasse in Congress

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Donald Trump is all in favor of allowing the federal government to fall into the abyss of fiscal default…as long as it allows him to achieve his political agenda.

In the latest in a series of his tweet-like press release “statements” that have had to suffice to disseminate his poisonous pearls of mental exertion since his ouster from most major social media platforms, Trump urged congressional Republicans to use the looming threat of our nation’s coffers exceeding the federally mandated debt ceiling to force Democrats to abandon their plan to rescue America from the damage done by the previous administration through its tax cuts for billionaires and mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

He also attacked the Democrats’ attempts to nullify state-level GOP voter suppression legislation through “their so-called ‘Voting rights Bill,'” predicting in Orwellian fashion that the passage of the bill would “be the end of our democracy” rather than the protection that it truly is.

The statement — posted to the inexplicably still-active Twitter account of his press spokeswoman Liz Harrington — was immediately slammed in the comments thread for the tweet.

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What more can be said after those replies?

Trump’s constant attempts to present lies as the truth obviate anything he ever says. Anyone who considers his comments of any value whatsoever except as fodder for mockery drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago and is likely hopelessly irredeemable.

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