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Jen Psaki skewers FOX reporter for demonizing pregnant mothers in fiery WH press briefing

Jen Psaki skewers FOX reporter for demonizing pregnant mothers in fiery WH press briefing

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In a flash, the right-wing media has grown bored with complaining about the Afghanistan withdrawal and has returned to pushing xenophobic white nationalist pearl-clutching over the border and immigration. The arrival at the border of thousands of Haitian refugees fleeing the political chaos that has engulfed the beleaguered island nation once again has been seized upon as evidence of the Biden administration’s “failure” to “secure” the southern border, as evidenced by FOX reporter Peter Doocy’s transparently racist questioning during today’s White House Press Briefing.

The Biden administration has been processing migrants and asylum-seekers as quickly as possible, choosing to release some families after they’ve been given the notice to appear before an immigration court in the United States instead of keeping them caged in ICE’s notoriously abusive detention centers, which is being ferociously misconstrued by the right-wing media.

“We’re being told by our people on the ground that you’re releasing pretty much all family units…Couples where the woman says that she is pregnant, or single women who say that they are pregnant and that no one has to actually take a pregnancy test unless they want to, so…..” began Doocy before being cut off by Psaki, who was clearly in no mood to have him disparage and demonize mothers and pregnant women desperately seeking safety.

“Are you suggesting that you don’t believe when women say they’re pregnant? Is that a big issue? We think at the border?” responded Psaki, to which Doocy responded, “I’m not in charge of keeping the border secure.”

Taking the implications of his snarky comeback to their logical conclusion, Psaki demanded to know why the supposed pro-life Republican of why he was so worried about pregnant mothers: “Do you think pregnant women are posing a big threat to the border? To the border communities — is that a big issue?”

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“You tell me” answered a snide Doocy, who then received a verbal smackdown from the Press Secretary.

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“I’m not aware of pregnant women being a big issue of concern to people at the border…What I will note for you, Peter, is that, as I said earlier, there is a process. If people cannot be expelled under Title 42 for a range of reasons. Some of that is that countries they came from or other countries, including Mexico, may not be accepting families with children under the age of seven. They are placed in removal proceedings. Those removal proceedings require them to either go to a detention facility or require them to go get a notice to appear and including their biometric data and otherwise so that we can ensure where they are.”

It is absolutely appalling to see the way in which the right-wing media and politicians behave so viciously towards immigrants at the border, completely incapable of summoning any empathy for the people who have risked their lives to try to find safety in the United States — especially since many of them are fleeing instability that can be traced back to America’s reckless and destructive foreign policy in Central and South America.

But it is equally as infuriating to see the Biden administration kowtow to these kinds of xenophobic fears by deporting Haitians en masse, with many of them reporting abuse and mistreatment at the hands of ICE and the CBP’s jackbooted thugs. America should be better than that; we have space and resources for all who want them, just an unwillingness to share with our fellow humans and a deep-rooted fearing of losing what we have that has been instilled by a monstrous economy that chews up and spits out its own people without rhyme or reason.

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