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Liz Cheney trolls Trump in savage social media takedown

Liz Cheney trolls Trump in savage social media takedown

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It would not be difficult to conclude that the current Republican Party has become weaker and more fractured as it grew increasingly more populist and extremist after the hostile takeover from the previous GOP establishment by the allies of Donald Trump during his presidency.

The ascendence of QAnon clowns and gun-toting GED graduates like Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) over traditional conservatives like Reps. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Liz Cheney (R-WY) indicates that the Trumpification of the Republican Party is not only practically complete, but it is also rapidly sheparding the GOP to previously uncharted depths of fractiousness.

The latest display of extreme Republican disharmony comes from the Twitter account of Congresswoman Cheney who has already been demoted from her former position as the number three top GOP leader in the House of Representatives because of her principled vote to impeach Donald Trump after his January 6th coup attempt by a mob of MAGA insurrectionists.

Rep. Cheney — who was appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with her fellow never-Trumper Rep. Kinzinger, to the House select committee investigating that insurrection — has been trying to bring the party that she loved, and grew up in as the daughter of the last Republican vice president before the Trump era, back to its senses.

As one of the last voices of the previous GOP establishment who still has a modicum of a national audience, Cheney has taken every opportunity to fight against Donald Trump’s pernicious influence on the remnants of the once-unified political organization.

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If her efforts include some vicious trolling on social media, so be it.

Congresswoman Cheney hit the jackpot this morning with a Twitter post that directly replied to Trump’s oddly accurate criticism of George W. Bush, the last Republican with a seat in the Oval Office before him, for his role in using lies to start a lengthy war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Ignoring the results of Bush’s misguided foreign policy in favor of his electoral record, Cheney hit Trump with a post that mocked her orange adversary for his failure to defeat Joe Biden in a landslide loss and added a nice echo of Trump’s own deplorable comments about the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

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Social media respondents were torn between their glee at seeing Trump being attacked by a menber of his own party and their horror that George W. Bush was being held up as a role model in any way, shape, or form.

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Whether one’s antipathy to Donald Trump overcomes one’s revulsion of his Republican presidential predecessor will have to remain a personal choice, but it is undeniable that the fracturing of the GOP can only be a blessing to the Democrats if they are smart and nimble enought to take advantage of the opportunity.

That may be a big if, since the Demcrats face their own internal squabbles between proegressives and moderates right now.

Let’s hope that they can oversome this rough patch and unite to win a majority large enough to overcome any filibuster after the midterm elections.

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