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“She’s really, really smart!” — Trump’s assessment of Marjorie Taylor Greene stuns the world

“She’s really, really smart!” — Trump’s assessment of Marjorie Taylor Greene stuns the world

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They say that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed person will be king, but how does that aphorism apply in the land of the idiots?

The world got a hint that, despite its seeming egalitarianism, the community of the mentally disordered does have a hierarchy, and its undisputed leader has now elevated an up-and-coming member into his royal court.

The anointment came last night at Donald Trump’s latest bund rally in Georgia — another fund-raising scam and ego-gratification event from the undeclared 2024 Republican presidential candidate — when Trump loudly sang the praises of the right-wing extremist Georgia congresswoman who had helped warm up the MAGA hordes for his appearance.

One could hardly recognize Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from the description that the twice-impeached former president offered the crowds.

Just a day after Greene had a very public and extremely loud freakout on the steps of the Capitol while vociferously heckling a group of Democratic lawmakers who were holding a photo op, Trump unironically described the lawmaker with the reputation of being the queen of QAnon as “very low-key.”

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Yeah, as low-key as an incoming, screaming-pink, ballistic missile.

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It was Trump’s next characterization that set off guffaws on social media that would be deafening if tweets were audible.

“She’s really tough and she’s really, really smart!” Trump described the legislator whose penchant for spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, and lies is second only to his own.

“Very smart,” he continued.

“She is smart as hell, she knows what’s going on, she knows what’s going on,” Trump said of his acolyte so molded in his own image.

Trump was describing, after all, a woman who was forced to hold an apologetic press conference after comparing pandemic restrictions to Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews and other minorities during the Holocaust and who has attributed the horrific wildfires in the western United States to Jewish “space lasers.”

The disgraced ex-president’s description of the Georgia congresswoman did not go over particularly well on social media.

It’s a sad commentary on the quality of education in this country when a former president can elevate the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene to the intellectual pantheon.

Let’s hope that her star fades as rapidly as her infamy has ascended and that she recedes back into the oblivion from whence she came once Trump is finally held accountable for his crimes.

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Original reporting by Bob Brigham at RawStory.

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