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Ana Navarro-Cardenas publicly emasculates Don Jr. after his obesity tweet

Ana Navarro-Cardenas publicly emasculates Don Jr. after his obesity tweet

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Donald Trump Jr. was savaged today on The View by the target of one of his weekend Twitter attacks and while it wasn’t awfully pretty, it was pretty funny to see co-host Ana Navarro-Cardenas rail on the eldest scion of the Trump dynasty.

The brouhaha began on Friday when both Navarro-Cardenas and co-host Sunny Hostin were suddenly whisked out of the studio live on air just moments before Vice President Kamala Harris was about to enter for a previously scheduled in-person interview.

It turns out that the two women had both tested positive for COVID in a rapid test that was administered right before the program took to the air, forcing the producers to make the unprecedented live yanking of the talent while the broadcast was in progress to protect the other hosts, studio crew, and Vice President Harris from the risk of encountering the virus.

The interview with Harris went ahead as scheduled, albeit in a remote format that kept her out of the studio that the supposedly infected hosts had just occupied moments earlier.

Don Jr. apparently followed the story on social media as it was happening and decided in his typical offensive and vindictive manner (apparently a genetically inherited trait) to troll Navarro-Cardenas, a noted Never-Trump Republican, with a tweet that derided the View co-host for her weight.

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As it turned out, the COVID test results wound up being false positives, and both Navarro-Cardenas and Hostin were back in their customary seats on Monday’s edition of the program.

The Latina conservative was not about to miss the opportunity to fire back at her tormentor on the air as she discussed the previous week’s COVID scare, despite having already responded to Junior’s insulting tweet with a post of her own.

Navarro-Cardenas minced no words as she assailed the privileged internet troll.

“First of all, I mean I know that when you are a dimwit with no skill or talent or significant accomplishments, living off your father’s fame, and name, and fortune, you’ve gotta draw attention to yourself,” the co-host lambasted Don Jr.

“But baby, if you wanna have a conversation about COVID and obesity, you could have had it last October when your elderly, obese father had it, OK?” she continued, digging the metaphorical knife. “So it is a legitimate conversation to have and, fortunately for you, you have somebody in your family that you can call and discuss it with…because imagine having a father whose butt is the size of a studio apartment in New Jersey,” Navarro-Cardenas said, getting real with the lesser Trump before pausing to acknowledge the applause and cheers from the studio audience.

“And you’ve got the gall to pick on me?” she concluded.

The only thing lacking in Ana Navarro-Cardenas’ feisty reply was a “Yo mama” joke.

You can watch the fiery Latina co-host of The View slap back at Donald Trump Jr. in the highly enjoyable video clip below.

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