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Lauren Boebert’s intelligence brutally mocked after tweeting about her morning “headache”

Lauren Boebert’s intelligence brutally mocked after tweeting about her morning “headache”

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Coronavirus isn’t the only pandemic gripping the United States as each new day brings further proof that a large portion of our country is suffering from a plague of stupidity. Republicans have managed to politicize COVID-19 so badly that large parts of the GOP base are gripped with anti-vaccine hysteria. Misinformation has become so mainstream on the right that GOP officials are afraid to speak frankly about the science for fear of angering their ignorant voters.

According to healthcare analyst Charles Gaba, in counties where Trump won at least 70% of the vote in 2020  “COVID-19 has killed about 47 out of every 100,000 people since the end of June.” In areas where Trump received less than 32% of the vote, the number is closer to 10 in every 100,000. In other words, COVID has largely become a MAGA virus. Recognizing this salient fact, one might expect Republican politicians to amend their rhetoric so that they don’t inadvertently kill off their voters. But these lunatics show no signs of improving.

This morning, far-right radical Rep. Lauren Boebert whipped up a tweet clearly aimed at her anti-vax followers. She  said that she woke up with a “headache” and took some Tylenol, joking that “everyone else” should take Tylenol as well so that hers will finally “start working.”

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The implication in Boebert’s tweet appears to be that encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine is silly if you’ve already gotten vaccinated yourself. It’s a popular talking point in conservative circles that completely ignores the fact that unvaccinated people can still spread the virus and breakthrough cases do exist. More to the point, headaches aren’t contagious.

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If you choose not to get the vaccine you are making a choice to possibly spread COVID-19 to someone else. Lives are at stake here and people like Boebert are ignoring that reality to score cheap partisan points.

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The tweet backfired in a big way as users rushed to dogpile the Congresswoman.

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