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Melania’s aide reveals Trump’s explosive reaction to the infamous Jacket Incident

Melania’s aide reveals Trump’s explosive reaction to the infamous Jacket Incident

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Melania Trump will forever be remembered by those outside the MAGA cult as the woman who stood by idly as her husband rolled out one cruel policy after another. In exchange for proximity to power, she abandoned any pretense of morality or compassion, a choice that was crystallized by her now-infamous trip to visit a migrant child facility on the border during which she wore a coat that read “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” The sartorial display was interpreted by many as Melania’s way of saying outright that she didn’t care about the plight of migrants.

Now, a new book entitled I’ll Take Your Questions Now from Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s Chief of Staff during her time as First Lady, has shed some light on the coat incident. According to excerpts from the book obtained by The Washington Post, Melania had been “upset” about Trump’s immigration policies and wanted to investigate the situation in person.

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The jacket was a $39 purchase from Zara that The Post states Melania bought for “reasons that still remain a mystery.” Grisham states in her book that she herself was busy on her phone handling details for the border trip so the wardrobe choice slipped past without her having the chance to warn Melania against wearing it.

Jada Yuan and Josh Dawsey write in The Post:

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“It was just a jacket, Melania said, as she huddled with Grisham for a damage-control session on the plane. As they arrived back at the White House, an aide told them the president wanted to see his wife in the Oval Office. It was the first time he’d ever summoned her in such a way in front of staff. He yelled and asked ‘what the [expletive]’ they thought they were doing. Then just as quickly he came up with a solution. He would tweet out that the jacket was a message to the Fake News Media.”

The revelation that Trump would scream at his wife like a brute over creating bad press for his administration is hardly surprising, but it is a reminder that this man lacks even the most basic form of decency. At the same time, Melania knew exactly what kind of man she married. Despite the reporting to the contrary, one also can’t shake the possibility that Melania’s jacket was an intentional decision to infuriate people and telegraph callousness. We’re fortunate to no longer have either of these two monsters in our White House.

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