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Psaki expertly defends President Biden from a comparison to Donald Trump

Psaki expertly defends President Biden from a comparison to Donald Trump

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Perhaps White House correspondents are beginning to get jealous of the almost daily attention that Press Secretary Jen Psaki pays to Fox News’ Peter Doocy when he attempts to best her with his frequent “gotcha” questions.

It seems that other journalists are emulating Doocy’s approach and trying to match wits with the famously logical and competent Psaki.

Take the reporter who today tried to get the press secretary to discuss recent criticism of President Biden —including by some within his own party — that he was beginning to increasingly act like his much-derided predecessor Donald Trump.

Psaki is never one to address unattributed and vague accusations without pressing her journalistic inquisitors as to exactly who they are quoting and which specific behaviors of the Democratic president supposedly mimic those of Trump, being highly aware of the gravity of the allegations and the shame of the comparison.

The “many people are saying” method of sourcing accusations just doesn’t fly under her careful scrutiny.

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The persistent reporter then went on to mention several instances of people who made the unthinkable comparison, including the French Foreign Minister who was particularly perturbed by American blindsiding in its recent decision to sell nuclear submarines to Australia and torpedo France’s plans to sell them inferior conventional subs.

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Psaki continued to challenge the reporter to enumerate the specific policies that the correspondent was claiming Biden was continuing to utilize from the former administration.

The reporter went on to name immigration policies at the Southern border where Haitian refugees were recently deported back to their earthquake and hurricane-devastated home country under policies initiated by Trump and the withdrawal from Afghanistan as two issues where the Biden administration hewed closely to the former guy’s policies.

As usual, Psaki responded in a calm and reasoned manner, offering detailed rebuttals to the correspondent’s proposition.

Her pièce de résistance, however, was her response to the reporter’s questions about the use of the Title 42 federal health code to justify the deportation of the Haitian refugees.

Reminding the journalist that the health code was enacted to protect the people of our nation from the effects of a deadly pandemic, Psaki pointedly dumped the blame for the lack of progress in eliminating the threat of the COVID virus on Donald Trump’s pathetic incompetence in addressing the pandemic, including his infamous suggestion that injectable disinfectant was a viable treatment for the virus.

Biden was extremely smart in his choice of Jen Psaki as the chief communications official in his administration.

He is lucky to have someone so capable and intelligent handling the interface with the fourth estate, particularly when they submit half-baked, poorly sourced allegations about the current president’s actions and motivations.

With a simple reminder of how far we’ve travelled since last year when an actual evil moron was improbably the highest authority in our land, Psaki alerts America to how grateful we should be for the bullet we dodged by electing Biden rather than returning the orange menace to office.

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