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Jen Psaki unleashes biting sarcasm against reporter in defense of Biden’s historic agenda

Jen Psaki unleashes biting sarcasm against reporter in defense of Biden’s historic agenda

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All eyes in Washington have been laser-focused on the self-inflicted debacle unfolding in Congress as Democratic conservatives hold the entire Biden agenda hostage over transparently spurious concerns of “fiscal responsibility.” The jackals in the corporate media, obsessed with reinforcing the primacy of the centrist status quo, have seized on the intraparty conflict as an excuse to fan the flames of the division and play “gotcha” with the Biden administration — but Press Secretary Jen Psaki made it clear on Friday afternoon that she was having none of it.

“This morning, Ronald Klain retweeted a message that was supportive of House progressives who delayed last night’s vote on the BIF (bipartisan infrastructure bill) saying that they were putting the Biden agenda on track, and I’m just wondering if you could clarify Ron Klain’s seeming support for that track of ideas vs. what you’ve been saying all week, which is, we’re trying to get this done” asked a reporter during today’s press briefing. What she really means by saying “we’re trying to get this done” almost certainly is mediaspeak for “Why isn’t Joe Biden forcing the progressives to bend the knee to allow Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema to gut the reconciliation bill that funds President Biden’s entire policy agenda, stripping away its most transformative and socially uplifting elements to avoid taking any money out of the pockets of the megawealthy?”

This appears to be the retweet in question:

The idea of anything more politically ambitious than scraping the barnacles off of the Affordable Care Act is considered heresy among the Very Serious Washington Media cabal, whose corporate overlords stand to lose a great deal of their ill-gotten wealth should the bill pass. It is apparently inconceivable to them that the Biden administration is serious in its desire to use this once-in-a-decade opportunity to actually improve the lives of the American people and alleviate some of the intense material pressures that American capitalism inflicts upon us all.

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Press Secretary Psaki responded to the question with all the sarcasm and disdain that the question deserves, reminding the nation that President Biden actually wants to pass all the things that the Democratic Party has been promising year after year and is finally in a position to make a reality — things like paid family leave, universal pre-k for children, vision and hearing and dental care for our seniors. Things that are considered part of the basic social contract in most Western democracies but are treated like Stalinism by the American media and centrist political class.

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Watch her response here:

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