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Donald Trump desperately tries to force his way back onto Twitter

Donald Trump desperately tries to force his way back onto Twitter

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It’s fairly obvious that the wanna-be emperor has had no clothes for quite some time.

It’s also obvious that more than being metaphorically naked, Donald Trump is even more upset about being without social media network access for his every turgid utterance since he was banned from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and most other major platforms after the January 6th insurrection attempt.

Now, Trump is asking a Florida federal judge to force Twitter to restore his account.

Staying true to his litigious nature, Trump had his latest batch of attorneys file a motion in U.S. District Court in Miami seeking a preliminary injunction against Twitter and its CEO, Jack Dorsey, arguing that Twitter is censoring Trump in violation of his First Amendment rights.

This is exactly the type of frivolous lawsuit that is guaranteed to generate headlines while wasting copious contributions from Trump’s MAGA followers on a motion that is sure to fail.

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Not only does the suit demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of exactly to whom the protections of the First Amendment apply — hint: it’s the government, not private companies — but given that Twitter’s terms of service specify that any suits against it must be filed in its home state of California, it also demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of proper judicial procedure.

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Response from those Twitter users still allowed on the platform was justifiably harsh.

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Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), a frequent Trump critic, weighed in with his own quixotic lawsuit idea inspired by the disgraced former president’s antics.

Harvard University Professor Emeritus Laurence Tribe described the ex-president’s lawsuit in the most negative terms possible, reiterating his opinion in as many ways possible to get his point across.

Other Twitter comments were equally brutal.

If Trump were smart — yes, we’re talking extreme fantasy here — he would be saving his money for his defense on the multiple cases that he’s likely to be caught up in surrounding his illicit actions as president rather than wasting it on these sorts of frivolous lawsuits that he has no hope of actually winning.

Let’s hope that the courts do heavily sanction Trump and his lawyers for wasting their time with such obviously doomed litigation.

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Original reporting by The Associated Press at POLITICO.

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