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Ivanka Trump was reportedly obsessed with squashing a story about her “flashing” a hotdog vendor

Ivanka Trump was reportedly obsessed with squashing a story about her “flashing” a hotdog vendor

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“I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” the new book from Melania Trump’s former right-hand woman Stephanie Grisham, has yielded a treasure trove of disturbing insights into the psychopaths and crooks who ran our nation for four years. While Grisham’s motives are certainly suspect since she seems determined to rehabilitate herself in the public eye after standing by silently as Donald Trump and his cronies ran the country into the ground, the book itself is interesting nonetheless.

One particularly funny section from the book involves Ivanka Trump. According to Grisham, Ivanka was obsessed with quashing a story that claimed she and some of her friends “flashed” a hot dog vendor when they were teenagers. Grisham writes that there was a “rumor that as a teenager attending Manhattan’s elite Chapin School, she and some friends had flashed a sidewalk hot dog vendor from the window of their classroom.” reports the hotdog vendor rumor first appeared in Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family, a book from Emily Jane Fox that was first published in 2018. Supposedly, Ivanka bared her breasts to the vendor in eighth grade.

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But as Grisham recounts in her book, an adult Ivanka vehemently denying the story while her father was in the White House “would only amplify its importance and give more oxygen to the story” even though “Ivanka didn’t see it that way.” She wanted to exploit the White House Press office “to siphon off some of its resources to defend and support her.”

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Clearly, Ivanka is like her father in a lot of ways: petty, venial, and obsessed with stories that most people aren’t even paying attention to. The fact that these creatures are no longer running the most powerful nation in the world should come as a relief to all of us.

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