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Trump viciously lashes out at Fiona Hill after she calls him out for misogyny

Trump viciously lashes out at Fiona Hill after she calls him out for misogyny

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Fiona Hill was the Trump White House’s premier expert on Russia and also one of the star anti-Trump witnesses in the former president’s first impeachment hearing during which Democrats attempted to hold him accountable for his attempt to leverage military aid to Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Hill’s impeachment testimony was damning and in her new book, There Is Nothing For You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century she goes into further detail about the disturbing criminality on display in the Trump administration, saying that the palaces scheming intrigue under Trump was every bit as “dirty and filled with intrigue” as that in Russia.

Hill believes Trump to be a counterintelligence and national security risk because of his infamously thin skin and the ease with which people can manipulate him through simple compliments. She also thinks he will run again in 2024 because “He wants to be king. He still wants to be king and regain his throne.”

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On CNN this morning, Jim Sciutto read an excerpt from Hill’s book that explains her feelings about Trump’s infamously bad treatment of women. She said that it’s easier for him to “dismiss women and see them as problems” in part because they’re “nonplayers” in his world. At this point, it’s hardly news that Trump is a raging misogynist, but Hill’s remarks offer a little insight into why he is like that.

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Now, Trump has launched an attack on Hill through his disgrace of a spokeswoman Liz Harrington. She shared a new statement from him in which he ludicrously claimed that the well-respected Hill was “terrible at her job.” He smeared her role in his impeachment hearing as a “con job,” claimed that he didn’t recognize her from her time working in the White House, and dismissed her as a “know-it-all.”

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Trump then went on an extended rant about his former National Security Advisor John Bolton, saying that Hill was “very close” to him (as if that would have any bearing on the truth of her impeachment testimony or her new book). He then circled back to insulting Hill herself.

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“Fiona Hill was a deep state stiff with a nice accent,” said Trump. Hill was born in the United Kingdom.

The former president went on to insist that she had “virtually no access to him”  and that she knows “absolutely nothing” about him. The fact that he felt the need to attack Hill in the first place tips Trump’s hand. If she really knew nothing he wouldn’t be so upset by her remarks or her book. As is always safe to presume, Trump is almost certainly lying.

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