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Trump issues disturbing, dangerous tribute to the shot Jan 6 terrorist

Trump issues disturbing, dangerous tribute to the shot Jan 6 terrorist

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Donald Trump has no problem exploiting the death of Ashli Babbit, the military veteran turned MAGA insurrectionist who was killed while storming the Speaker’s Lobby of the Capitol while trying to break in through a smashed window.

Arguably the former senior Air Force security operative would still be alive if not for Trump’s incendiary speech that January 6th day, but rather than accepting responsibility for his role in her death, instead the twice-impeached former president is attempting to turn Babbit into a martyr for his deplorable cause.

Yesterday, on what would have been Babbitt’s 36th birthday, Trump issued a video message of the type usually reserved for his most important pronouncements (or his fundraising appeals) that praised the woman who died in service to his seditious cause.

“There was no reason Ashli should have lost her life that day. We must all demand justice for Ashli and her family,” Trump intoned in his telepromter reading voice.

“I offer my unwavering support to Ashli’s family— And call on the DOJ to re-open the investigation into her death on January 6th,” he continued.

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Considering that the dead insurrectionist’s family would likely have a strong case to sue Trump for his role in circumstances that resulted in the death of their deranged loved one, the former president’s move to mollify them by ordaining Babbitt as a saint in the Trump firmament may be a canny move on his part to avoid that fate.

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The true function of Trump’s move, however, is more likely to be its role in further supporting his baseless claims of a stolen election and riling up his base to undermine America’s democratic processes and install him as leader of an autocratic oligarchy.

Indeed, Trump’s video message was seen by some social media commentators as coming straight out of the playbook of the man whose book of speeches has resided on the former reality TV show host’s night table, according to his first ex-wife.

Others responded equally negatively to Trump’s video message.

The fact that the wheels of justice are turning much too slowly — not for the patriotic cop who prevented a seditious terrorist from trying to force her political will on the American people, but for the corrupt and immoral president who instigated the January 6th rioting — is completely unacceptable.

Donald Trump should not be free to make these false and incendiary videos when he should already be on trila for his multiple misdeeds.

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