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MTG melts down after judge declares her Trump fantasies are entirely baseless, again

MTG melts down after judge declares her Trump fantasies are entirely baseless, again

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Lies gain credibility with constant repetition.

That is perhaps the reason that Donald Trump and his army of politically opportunistic Republican allies continue to barrage the public day after day with phony claims, insinuations, and outright lies about the conduct of the 2020 presidential election.

The long game they seem to be playing is to use the doubt that they sow about the fairness of elections and the accuracy of the ballot count to enact restrictive election laws that will suppress the vote of traditionally Democratic demographic groups and hand the GOP a victory that they can’t achieve by attracting an actual majority of support from the electorate.

In this context, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green’s recent tweet attacking a judge’s decision to strike down on procedural grounds yet another Republican fishing expedition in the form of yet another audit of votes — those cast in the Fulton County, Georgia precincts — is merely part of a larger strategy to weaken the faith of the gullible MAGA crowd in the integrity of the election process, an important step in their longer-term goal of instituting an authoritarian oligarchy to replace our current democracy.

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Fortunately, Rep. Greene’s transparently manipulative missive fell on many deaf ears, judging from the reaction in the comments to her ultimately seditious post.

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Sadly, despite Rep. Greene’s status as a member of Congress, the Georgia Republican lacks a basic understanding of legal procedures and election law.

The law, however, is likely the furthest thing from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s mind when she posts tweets like this.

The accumulation of power and the implementation of her extremist right-wing ideology are what she is truly trying to achieve with her posts.

She and her ilk must be stopped before they destroy the true American ideals of freedom, equality, and tolerance.

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