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Trump tries to whitewash his Big Lie by concocting a story about the “Really Big Lie”

Trump tries to whitewash his Big Lie by concocting a story about the “Really Big Lie”

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It’s long been clear that Donald Trump, ego-poisoned little creature that he is, will never admit that he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden because the American people were sick and tired of his disastrous presidency. He’s now fully committed to the repeatedly debunked lie that he won in 2020 but was robbed of his victory through some shadowy mass voter fraud conspiracy — a claim for which he has failed to provide even a scrap of evidence.  Even the deadly violence of January 6th, incited by this Big Lie about the election, wasn’t enough to convince Trump to abandon this toxic narrative.  He’s beyond redemption.

Since he’s still banned from Twitter and Facebook thanks to his role in the insurrection, Trump continues to release press statements through his thoroughly immoral spokeswoman Liz Harrington. Today, she shared yet another Trump rant about the election. In it, the disgraced former president attacked the Congressional Select Committee investigating January 6th, childishly referring to it as the “January 6th Unselect Committee.”

Trump whined that the committee should be investigating the alleged “Presidential Election Fraud.” He alluded to some mysterious “numbers” that supposedly prove a fraud which he is now calling the “Really Big Lie,” a pathetic attempt to tweak and repurpose the phrase much of the media uses to refer to his false stolen election claims.

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Shamelessly, Trump went on to say the “reason” the January 6th attack happened was “November 3rd.” In other words, he’s saying that it’s understandable that his supporters violently stormed the Capitol since the election was rigged (even though it wasn’t). This kind of rhetoric is by far the most dangerous thing Trump could possibly say at this point. By rewriting history with lies and excusing the actions of the January 6th rioters he’s essentially giving them a green light to stage another insurrection. More people could still die because of this evil man’s selfishness.

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From there,  the statement devolved into his usual bad faith complaints about the media. His remarks have become incredibly repetitive at this point, but that doesn’t mean we can simply ignore him. Millions of Americans worship this man and believe every lie that slithers off of his forked tongue. It’s imperative that we stay vigilant, condemn his constant stream of misinformation, and ensure that he never again occupies a position of power.

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