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Trumpers scream profanities at Biden right in front of children during daycare visit

Trumpers scream profanities at Biden right in front of children during daycare visit

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There is absolutely nothing redeemable about the MAGA movement.  It’s composed of the crudest, most delusional segments of American society and they’re so convinced of their own righteousness that they feel entitled to act however they want —  a fact that was demonstrated in horrifying fashion when they stormed the Capitol on January 6th.

This entitlement also manifests in less dire but no less risible fashion. Earlier today, President Biden visited a daycare center in Hartford, Connecticut in order to promote the childcare elements of his Build Back Better agenda. Trump supporters, utterly shameless as usual, completely ignored the fact that Biden was greeting children on a playground and began to hurl profanities at him from across the street, chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” and ludicrously calling him  a “traitor.”

President Biden ignored them and proceeded with his plan to give a speech inside the center touting his proposed expansion of the child tax credit and his desire to provide universal pre-K education. If Democrats are successful in passing such measures the lives of countless Americans would be improved in incalculable material ways.

Add your name to demand Trump be forced to testify for January 6th committee!!

Yet again we see proof that Hillary Clinton was absolutely correct in labeling these people “deplorable.” They’ve sunken so deep into their deranged belief that Democrats are Satanic Communist monsters that they’ve lost any semblance of basic human decency. What kind of person thinks that this is acceptable behavior in front of children?

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