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Australian Minister publicly wrecks Ted Cruz over criticism of health policies

Australian Minister publicly wrecks Ted Cruz over criticism of health policies

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The idiocy that pervades the behavior of some Republican politicians is widely known here in the United States.

It takes an exceptionally bad example of GOP stupidity to break through to a global audience and besmirch one’s reputation internationally.

Is anyone surprised that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been the rare Republican who has managed to achieve worldwide ignominy?

Proof that Ted Cruz’s shame has reached global proportions comes in the form of a statement posted on Twitter by Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Gunner apparently felt compelled to respond to the U.S. senator after Cruz called the country’s Northern Territories vaccine mandate — considered the strictest in the world with $5,000 fines for those unvaccinated after November 13th — “Covid tyranny.”

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The Chief Minister found it quite ironic that a man who represents a state that failed miserably in protecting its citizens from the ravages of the pandemic would be lecturing another country’s populace on individual liberty that matters little when one is intubated on a ventilator and gasping for one’s last breaths in this sphere of existence.

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He shot back with a tweet that provided a few facts about the COVID pandemic in Australia, the country’s considerably more effective response to the contagious outbreak, and wondered whether Senator Cruz actually possessed even an iota of knowledge about Australia and its vaccination efforts.

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Gunner’s savage putdown of the Texas senator makes him the envy of many Democrats who wish that they could insult the weaselly and ill-informed politician as effectively as this foreign ally has with his brief indictment of Cruz’s intelligence and sincerity.

Simply by providing the mouthy GOP reactionary with some basic facts about the pandemic in Australia, Gunner annihilated any credibility that Cruz may have pretended to possess with his phony appeals to individuals’ liberty to harm others by spreading disease.

While Cruz may see his international notoriety as a plus as he contemplates a possible future as a Republican presidential candidate, America has already suffered through one global embarrassment too many in the White House when Donald Trump held court there.

Senator Cruz’s unique ability to alienate one of America’s strongest allies in the strategic territory of the Asia/Pacific region should immediately disqualify him for consideration for the presidency. That and the fact that he is a Republican, a party that should never be allowed close to the levers of power ever again after their reaction to the January 6th insurrection and its fascist aims.

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Original reporting by Mostafa Rachwani at The Guardian.

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