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Alleged sexual predator Rep. Madison Cawthorn urges parents to raise their sons to be “a monster”

Alleged sexual predator Rep. Madison Cawthorn urges parents to raise their sons to be “a monster”

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To write about politics these days, one risks the tendency of becoming a moral scourge.

This is primarily because members of the Republican Party in the era of Donald Trump continue to exceed all expectations of selfishness, cruelty, and whatever examples of the seven deadly sins they can muster.

The depravity of the GOP has gotten so widespread that at times it seems as if even the most callous behavior or proclamation by a Republican politician has ceased to appear shocking simply because it has become so commonplace.

Still, in that context, Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has managed to attract attention to himself with a recent statement that has startled the nation with some parental advice that is so offensive and counter-intuitive that it has brought a shower of condemnation on the extremist right-wing lawmaker.

“Our culture today is trying to completely de-masculate all of the young men in our culture,” Cawthorn said in a recent speech, while referencing historically low testosterone levels in young American men.

“They’re trying to de-masculate the young men in our country because they don’t want people who are going to stand up,” Cawthorn continued after stating that there were “a lot of reasons” for falling male hormone levels.

It was the next thing that Rep. Cawthorn uttered that set the minds of those who heard it on a course of outrage, however.

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“All you moms here — the ones who I said are the most vicious in our movement — if you are raising a young man, please raise them to be a monster,” the extemist North Carolina legislator exclaimed.

It was a stunning statement even from someone who has previously warned of the inevitable bloodshed that he claims will result if “our elections continue to be rigged,” and who once posed for pictures at Adolph Hitler’s vacation retreat.

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The reaction on social media to Cawthorn’s diabolic parenting advice was devastating.

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While risking becoming the moral scourge we warned about at the beginning of this article, it’s about time that we as Americans decide to prevent deviant sociopaths from becoming prominent politicians in our government.

In an earlier time, people like Madison Cawthron would be laughed off the stage and relegated to working at the local fast food joint after making a statement like he did about raising monsters.

Just because his own parents failed to properly socialize their child it doesn’t mean that the rest of the country has to follow in their deplorable footsteps.

This jerk needs to be laughed out of Congress.

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