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Don Jr. taunts grieving Alec Baldwin with cruel t-shirt stunt

Don Jr. taunts grieving Alec Baldwin with cruel t-shirt stunt

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Donald Trump and his children constitute some of the absolute worst people in American society. They’re utterly devoid of morality or even the most basic human decency, a perception that they seem to delight in reinforcing at every opportunity. Sometimes though, one of the Trumps does something so truly disgusting that it still manages to shock. Such was the case with Donald Trump Jr. over the weekend when he decided to exploit a tragic death for partisan political points and cold hard cash.

Last week, Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer on the film Rust, was shot and killed accidentally by actor Alec Baldwin when a live round somehow ended up in the prop gun he was using. Baldwin was unaware that there was an actual bullet loaded into the weapon and was reportedly and understandably deeply distraught by the incident. An investigation into the death is ongoing and while it doesn’t appear that it was Baldwin’s fault, right-wingers have been gleefully celebrating the accident because of their longstanding hatred of the outspokenly liberal Baldwin.

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Donald Trump Jr. managed to take this conservative ghoulishness to new depths by selling shirts that read “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, ALEC BALDWIN KILLS PEOPLE” for $27.99 on his website. Bad taste doesn’t even begin to describe behavior this shamelessly vile. Regardless of one’s feelings about Baldwin or his politics, he doesn’t deserve this and more importantly, the late Hutchins doesn’t deserve this. Donald Trump Jr. is dancing on her grave and the crass fanatics who constitute his father’s base are sure to lap it up.

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On Instagram, Donald Trump Jr. also posted severely deeply offensive and insensitive memes about Baldwin, completely ignoring the fact that a real, innocent human being lost their life. The lack of respect for her passing is enough to churn the stomach.

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