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MTG launches unhinged diatribe against AOC because she refuses to debate her

MTG launches unhinged diatribe against AOC because she refuses to debate her

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Just a day after Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was outed in a Rolling Stone article as being among the members of Congress who met with the organizers of the January 6th “Stop The Steal Rally” and the subsequent insurrection in the days before the violent incursion of the Capitol Building, the Georgia lawmaker resurrected her ongoing social media feud with progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Greene, whose tenuous position in Congress as someone who has already been removed from all committee assignments due to her outrageous behavior (including stalking survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting), posted an epic 11-part Twitter thread in response to a post by Ocasio-Cortez commenting on the revelations in the Rolling Stone article and calling for the expulsion of “any member of Congress who helped plot a terrorist attack on our nation’s capitol.”

In what some would consider a tactic admission of guilt, Rep. Greene responded with a challenge to AOC to participate in a debate with her while accusing the New York Democrat of the exact sort of offense in which she herself has been strongly implicated.

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Congresswoman Greene seems to believe that resorting to false equivalencies will somehow absolve her of any responsibility for her conspiring with the insurrection planners to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election as president.

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Greene carefully burnished her reputation as an unrepentant White nationalist by attacking BLM, essentially implying that Black lives do not matter.

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Next, Greene invokes the founding fathers and gins up a false sense of patriotism while accusing her progressive foil of exactly the sort of treason that she herself has been accused of fomenting, all while proving her inability to properly number her tweets.


Grene’s litany of standard right-wing bugaboos is as lie-filled as just about everything else that sputters out of her overly prolific mouth. With anti-communist rhetoric ripped straight out of the pages of the reprehensible Cold Warrior Joe McCarthy, Greene wants to transport the United States back to the 1950s, the era of segregation and uncontested White power.

The woman now accused of aiding and abetting the planners of the failed January 6th insurrection is trying — and failing — to paint the Bronx-born Democratic congresswoman as a massive failure in her own right as she spreads misinformation about the efficacy of face masks and the COVID vaccines against the pandemic.

Well, we have seen the lawsuits coming from the insurrection and, hopefully, her indictment will soon be included in that flurry of legal actions.

Rep. Greene concludes her thread with an implicit threat of continued rebellion and a throwdown that again calls for her progressive opponent to debate her.

As of press time, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has yet to grace her GOP colleague’s challenge with a response.

Let’s hope that AOC is wise enough to refrain from engaging with her seditious right-wing counterpart who would only seek to exploit the encounter for further political points among her base.

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