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Don Jr. responds to criticisms of his offensive Alec Baldwin shirts with profanity-laden outburst

Don Jr. responds to criticisms of his offensive Alec Baldwin shirts with profanity-laden outburst

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The Republican response to the tragic death on the set of the Alec Baldwin movie Rust has been nothing short of disgusting. The noted liberal actor was handed a prop gun that, unbeknownst to him, had been loaded with live ammunition. When he discharged the weapon, a bullet injured the director and killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin was completely distraught in the aftermath and while there was clearly negligence on the part of someone on the set, it’s unfair to blame the actor.

Conservatives, never ones to miss an opportunity to exploit tragedy, have gleefully pounced on Baldwin, heaping blame, insults, and mockery simply because they dislike his liberal politics. Donald Trump Jr. even went so far as to begin selling shirts on his website that read “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, ALEC BALDWIN KILLS PEOPLE.” The fact that an innocent person is dead doesn’t even seem to register for these right-wing ghouls. Everything is partisan politics to them, human decency and compassion are utterly alien concepts.

Today, Donald Trump Jr. responded to the criticisms of his callous behavior by doubling down. He retweeted an opinion piece decrying his lack of “decency” and used it to unload more attacks on Baldwin, asking if it was “decent” when Alec Baldwin “used all those homophobic slurs,” or when he “berated his 11 year old daughter” or “used racist slurs to attack an NY Post photographer.”

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“Ask yourself: Why is the letting media going all out to protect this piece of sh*t?” he ended the tweet.

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As usual, the former president’s incredibly dense, incredibly cruel son has missed the point. Nobody is arguing that Alec Baldwin is a perfect person. Nobody is arguing that he shouldn’t be criticized for past offensive behavior or public mistakes. Nobody is even arguing that you have to like Alec Baldwin.

What decent human beings are arguing is that the accidental death of a young cinematographer and the mourning of those directly involved and affected by that death shouldn’t be politicized and certainly shouldn’t be used to make a cheap buck.

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