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Donald Trump responds to The Washington Post’s January 6th expose, but the paper refuses to print his entire “inflammatory” reply

Donald Trump responds to The Washington Post’s January 6th expose, but the paper refuses to print his entire “inflammatory” reply

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After The Washington Post published a major investigative article this morning that revealed the extent to which major federal law enforcement agencies ignored clear warnings of violence surrounding the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally that devolved into the invasion of the Capitol, it’s unsurprising that Donald Trump would respond with claims of “fake news” and attack the newspaper as part of a mainstream media conspiracy against him.

What is surprising is that The Washington Post would simply refuse to cooperate with his attempt to continue to push his “big lie” that the election was somehow stolen from him despite all evidence to the contrary.

The newspaper’s three-part investigation looks at the events that took place before, during, and after the insurrection and details how Trump’s bleating about voter fraud contributed to the insurrection and how his failure to stop the violence after it started worsened the situation and damaged public trust in our democracy.

The deeply-reported investigation was a triumph of journalistic best practices and “was based on interviews with 230 people and thousands of pages of court documents and internal law enforcement reports, along with hundreds of videos, photographs and audio recordings,” according to The Post.

In seeking comment from the disgraced ex-president about its reporting, the newspaper “provided Trump a list of 37 findings reported as part of its investigation” to which his spokesperson, Taylor Budowich, returned “a lengthy written response that included series of unrelated, inflammatory claims” that The Washington Post has made the editorial decision to not bother publishing in full.

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The portion of the former president’s response that it did see fit to include demonstrates the wisdom of the newspaper’s editorial decision.

“In response to the investigation’s findings, Budowich said that the former president “greatly objected” to all of them. He disputed The Post’s investigation as “fake news” and falsely cast people who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 as “agitators not associated with President Trump.” The statement repeated Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was rigged,” The Washington Post staff writes before providing two direct quotes from Trump’s written response.

“The media’s obsession with the January 6th protest is a blatant attempt to overshadow a simple fact: there is no greater threat to America than leftist journalists and the Fake News, which has avoided a careful examination of the fraudulent 2020 election. The media, just like the Democrats, do not want to see secure and honest elections. Instead of reporting the facts, outlets like the Washington Post sow division, hate, and lies, like it is doing with this story,” Trump ranted.

“The media has failed to do its job, including truly exposing Silicon Valley for its role in illegally rigging the election with hundreds of millions of dollars in dark money–which is probably a gross underestimate. America is furious at the results of November 3rd and deserve answers. They deserve to protest and demand the truth from their Representatives. However, since the media isn’t asking the questions, it’s being left up to the people to seek the truth,” he also claimed.

Let’s hope that other media outlets begin to take the same approach that The Washington Post has in this case and we can return to an era when a loudmouthed liar was properly ignored by the press rather than allowed to utilize it to assemble a coalition of disaffected racists and grifting oligarchs to propel him to the White House.

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Original reporting by The Washington Post.

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