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MTG threatens deputy warden in wild stunt at jail holding January 6th insurrectionists

MTG threatens deputy warden in wild stunt at jail holding January 6th insurrectionists

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The Republican Party’s rewriting of January 6th — which was inarguably a violent insurrection incited by then-President Donald Trump aimed at overturning a free and fair election  — has been no less disturbing for being so predictable. Right-wingers in this country have coalesced around two directly contradictory explanations for that day, somehow holding them both simultaneously in a display of cognitive dissonance that makes George Orwell’s “doublethink” seem quaint.

On one hand, many conservatives are now convinced that the insurrection was a false flag orchestrated by a murky coalition of Democrats, Black Lives Matter activists, Antifa, and the Deep State to smear the MAGA movement.

On the other hand, conservatives think that the Republican insurrectionists currently on trial and in prison are “political prisoners” of the Democratic Party who are being unfairly targeted for their political beliefs. The rioters are somehow both not Republican and being punished for being Republican. As is par for the course with modern GOP, truth is irrelevant, outrage and conspiracy theories reign supreme.

One of the Republican politicians most committed to the inane talking point that the insurrections are political prisoners is the QAnon Congresswoman herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Today, she pulled her latest PR stunt by showing up at a DC jail alongside career ignoramus Rep. Louie Gohmert and demanding to “conduct oversight” of the facility.

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Greene shared a video of the incident on Twitter in which she can be heard asking a deputy warden what they have to “hide” and asking to see the entire jail like some huffy entitled customer asking to see the manager of a restaurant. She and Gohmert refused to take no for an answer despite the fact that they had absolutely no right or authority to demand entrance to the jail.

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At one point, Gohmert outright threatened the deputy warden denying them entry by floating the idea of getting a federal judge to hold them in “contempt,” an idea which Greene immediately warmed to. Throughout it all, the deputy warden maintained their cool and eventually, the two Republican blowhards left.

The insistence from Greene and Gohmert that they’re concerned about the welfare of the detained insurrectionists is political posturing of the most transparent kind. Neither of them has ever voiced a genuine interest in the welfare of the millions of Americans, a disproportionate number of which are Black, who are locked up all over the country. They’re only interested in the January 6th prisoners because they know it will play well with their paranoid base.

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